Liverpool Kicks off the Month Rosa

During the month of October, month of support against breast cancer, different brands within the Department store such as Arena, Asics, Braun, Caterpillar, Coach, Converse, Estée Lauder, Evenflo, H & LO, Huser, Ivonne, Oster, Rimini, TImberland, Voit, Vogue Sunglasses and Guess Watches will donate a percentage of their sales to the Mexican Foundation for educational promotions to the prevention and timely detection of the Cancer of breast (FUCAM) to join the fight against this disease which can attack any woman, of any age.

Liverpool Kicks off the Month Rosa

The “home of the month Rosa”, was held on the terrace of Liverpool Polanco that participating products were presented in a gateway to appreciate the details of participating parts in the pink month.

The event was attended by Adriana López, Director of purchases of the ladies section who gave a few words thanking the participation of such marks and pride and leads Liverpool to help this cause. He was also the actress and conductive Laura light that, since her mother died of multiple myeloma, has done a great job creating awareness of real cases about people who suffer and live with this disease and early detection can be the dividing line to win the fight against breast cancer according to

Women who have been supported by FUCAM gave her testimony of how they fought against breast cancer and how won this battle with the help of the Foundation. They, along with the Liverpool team urged all women present to perform check in the month of October for the timely detection and prevent this horrible disease and invited them to disseminate the information with their loved ones to be every day more women overcoming cancer through early detection.

By Michelle Pinete Quintero