Living Life Vogue: Home, Bello Home (Because a Fashionista Not Only Lives of Clothes)

When one loves fashion the echoes of your tastes and preferences resonate beyond the Cabinet, they invade your musical tastes, your favorite restaurants and decorate your home.
Today is the return to the tell me how it is your House and we will tell you the style of fashionista that you are and we offer thanks to my favorite blog of decor, Vintage and Chic, ideas for decorate your home according to your style and your fashion.

Tell it with the help of Leticia, creator of Vintage and Chic blog and whose daily collection is tasteful decorative overdose and has inspired much of everything that has happened in my successive homes/removals.

Fashion is my passion

You’re an addicted to fashion, the special trend and this blog. You like to know who’s who in fashion and what to wear how and when. You risk and Carrie Bradshaw and her outfits are an inspiration. Ideal room decorated with feathers and cats prints to the Cavalli.

And this dining room in which one cannot imagine taking a simple and mundane bowl of breakfast cereal: here brought croissants of Paris and the India tea.

Block color my way of life

The color block has been one of the trends of the past and is also present. It is a trend of young and daring, as this beautiful kitchen in which play Parcheesi.

Or this corner with the refrigerator that Marilyn Monroe It would have dreamed.

Rustic, rusticae

You love fashion but have conscience eco and naturalist. Vintage and chic shows us the designer House Jorge Vazquez who has your same taste: ex-qui-si-to.

We encourage us to imitate his style?

Klein is my creator

You like 90s and campaigns for Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, clean, pure and no-nonsense. The minimalist style is yours and these ideas, perfect for your home.

I must admit, it is not my style, but I’m darn in love with this room, its colors, its design and its views and total.

Lovers of the pure and little given’s own kitchens to stain it. who will venture anything done here a few simple spaghetti with tomato?

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