Low Cost Trends: Add-Ins That EnsalzaraN Your New Year’s Eve Dress

The Accessories they have little accessories. Supplements raise a look, determine our status and draw attention to much or more than our clothing. Original shoes will make your look entirely surprise, a good bag of brand, and all styling will look brand.


Camomile bag for Berryfields 24 euros. Mix it with a dress baby doll in soft tones.

Don’t forget to add-ins that we tend to leave parked: gloves, umbrellas or hats they give an exquisite touch and end we should use. As these gloves as My Fair Lady which I already have in my closet. Of White.

Punk luxury

I love this bracelet that I discovered in Miss Selfridge, It has a punk touch, another bit of luxury and some pearls. Original and striking but without excess.

In Zara they are low and their attached to that bizarre touch and luxury comfort are what draw attention in these dancers with sequins and studs, bracelet. To wear with jeans! They will call more attention when simpler is your look.

Other cane touch that I would look with a garment more naive thanks to this necklace of Zara with built-in Tiger. For my wishlit already.


Choose a good and appropriate accessory with your new year’s Eve dress and ensalzará it. An accessory baratero or excessive and will leave everything to the fret. Lovely bib necklace of Miss Selfridge.

Embroidery, sequins, gold and mirras always I have dazzled. The excessive I like what am I going to do! Already have an ethnic roll as this bag of Miss Selfridge that is more Blair Waldorf.


We do not cut us to highlight our look this holiday season, it is the best time to snag without you though crazy. This turban worn with appropriate attire will be the finishing touch to any fashionista self-respecting. Of White.

Or vintage like this necklace with thousand attached pearls and Ribbon in the Center forming an original bow tie. I will look with a jacket Tuxedo with nothing underneath and wide Tuxedo pants. Of Miss Selfridge.