Men's Clothing

Manchester Trousers

Manchester hear hardly the sexiest fabric in the men’s wardrobe, but perhaps associated primarily with academic style and Anglo Felt Manor fashion. A symbol of creative and generally eccentric old men. As fabric for fall and winter season odd pants are corduroy, however, a given location.

A pair of pants in corduroy finspårig in rust-red or olive green color is a good starting point that works together with the odd blazer as well as a sweater. For those who want to avoid the corny sense that the material is often stuck with it is important to choose a more figure-hugging silhouette. Preferably in a little shorter in length so that the pants are just touching the shoe upper edge. As corduroy fabric is very durable and addition warming making it optimal for the winter season. The downside is that Manchester has a tendency to stretch quite steeply so a good tip is to wear his corduroy pants a few times before submitting the amendment to the tailor.

Top pants come from Incotex.


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