Manolo Måttsyr – Shirts From Emanuel Berg

Shirts are an area that we have written quite a lot about this at our site. We have been in the late period reviewed above all, a number of manufacturers in the dimensions sewn or completely customized. Today’s text will be about Emanuel Berg, a company we have never before written about. This mark is family owned and was founded in Cologne in 1989. Today they have more than 100 dealers around the world.

The shirts from Emanuel Berg is completely sewn in Europe. They offer both ready and dimensions sewn but is best known for the latter. Production takes place entirely on the machine and recalls for example Eton or partly British Cleeve. That meant that you get a good shirt for a reasonable price sewn with high precision in a good fabric. It offered nothing “kind of frippery” like hand-sewn seams, buttonholes, etc. Consider a Volvo rather than a sports car. Thus a stable, good and moderate exclusive product with a focus on durability and value for money.

Get me wrong, it is therefore still of very good shirts in fabric from recognized tygleverantörer Thomas Mason and Albini with hand-cut buttons in mother of pearl from Australia spiced with German precision in manufacturing. What makes Emanuel Berg stand out a little is their incredibly extensive selection of collars and cuffs. They have over 80 different collars and cuffs 30 to choose from, which makes it next gets difficult to choose which buyers of dimensions sewn. There are so many choices whatsoever to do to help ensure that you can get a shirt almost exactly as you want without having to switch completely customized.

Would you buy their finished shirts so they cost about 900-1100 dollars and they have a good range through its own webshop. In Sweden, they are also available from Olsen in Helsingborg and at La Chemise in their two stores in Stockholm.

A number of operators also offer Emanuel’s measure tailoring, including the tailor Zaremba Bespoke from Warsava. This tailors have since about a year back started to build a Swedish customer base by having so-called trunk shows in Gothenburg and Stockholm. We wrote about this recently at Manolo when we encourage that as Swedes can also take part in a good range of tailored fashion. At Zarembas second visit to Stockholm I took the opportunity to feed two shirts from Emanuel Berg. The price for this service landed at about 1300 per shirt which can be seen as very competitive when it concerns dimensions sewn in sensible fabrics.

I chose a classic striped oxford shirt with a button down collar that was slightly higher and had a centimeter or more spread than usual because I like to wear this type of collar with tie. There were certainly 6-7 different button-down collars to choose which is more than what I have seen any other player offer. The other shirt was a casual denim shirt in a fabric from Albini. On this, I chose a collar named James Bond, which has a semi-spread and good height, which makes it also suitable tie. This fabric will fade somewhat over time, allowing it to be a lovely character of its own.

I am overall very pleased with the shirts and the dimensions Maciej took sued good. The sleeves are about 1 cm long, but as we mentioned earlier, it is often a good thing to not be too short after a few washes. I like the look and feel quite a lot. As I wrote, it is no handmade details which of course some may lack. I think this is offset by a good fit in this case and the collar James Bond which according to me is the best I’ve ever had the collar of a shirt. Obviously, with a contextually very affordable price.

If you want to test the shirts from Emanuel Berg will Zaremba to Sweden next time in May / June. When will be able to sew up both suits, jackets, coats, pants and shirts. Is interest, you’re welcome to email tode. As the number of appointments is limited orders will only be made shirts as time permits.