Manolo Meets Michael Bastian

With impeccable attention to tailoring as well as casual wear, Michael Bastian set the standard for modern välkläddhet. His clothes are coveted worldwide and style has in recent seasons been influential in men’s fashion. Now current with a collection for Gant.

Although Michael Bastian in Sweden and Europe is still a relatively unknown name is Bastian’s sporty elegant design set a clear imprint in men’s fashions. An impression which can hardly be described as anything revolutionary but rather a modernization of dusty style ideals.

My approach to design is based largely on updating and improving classic garments. Ten years ago, men’s fashion is very divided between business and leisure. They had put on his dark suit to work and put on a pullover and chinos or jeans for the weekend. Today, the boundary blurring and men dress more varied. An important part of my main line has been to raise the level of casual wear, where supply has previously been very limited and often kept very low quality. Since a new generation has begun to discovered the suit garments and for them, it has never been associated with the compulsion to wear a suit to work. They have a modern and playful attitude to the suit which I try to meet, says Michael Bastian.


It is clear that Michael Bastian is a clear picture of their customer in mind when he designs rather than an artistic vision of how the clothes will look like. The background as purchasing manager of the New York department store Bergdorf Goodman has been important to study how men actually dress. Michael Bastian’s design is straightforward and like many American designers functional.

But what is perhaps most distinguished Bastian is that he introduced a more sophisticated and elegant touch in the typical American style. The main line, which is produced by Brunello Cucinelli, described almost as a modern American style with Italian flair for cut and quality.

It’s great to be able to work with this type of craft. It really is perfection down to the smallest seam. At the same time, I try all the time to play down the whole bit. I like when things are looking a little worn and rough out. Not without you sometimes get a little guilty after told a seamstress who spent countless hours to get a complete look instead to cut the pants right off. They do not always understand the style I advocate, says Michal Bastian with a smile.

The combination suit and sporty outerwear has become something of a signature for Michael Bastian himself says he likes the idea to match all kinds of clothes from the closet. Here by Michael Bastian’s autumn-winter collection 08-09.

A less funny resulting effect of working with Brunello Cucinelli is that the price level will be Svindyr. The collaboration with Gant therefore opens up a much broader audience to seriously discover Michael Bastian. The first collection of the cooperation that reaches stores this August is inspired by the sport of lacrosse, and is in many ways a more faithful interpretation of American sportswear than Bastian’s main line.

The idea behind the collaboration with Gant has been creating clothes for a slightly younger and even more athletic customer than for the target group in my main line. But as before, it’s very classic American clothing in a slightly more modern. The idea behind the collection is that it should be possible to combine a little as you want. There are clothes for all occasions.


How it is to design for a significantly lower price image?

 – For own brand is myself down at the factory in Italy and takes out the collection, while I will now be working with Gant pattern designers who produce samples and prototypes. That of course means two completely different ways of working, but I like it. There must be room for both expensive and clothing for the comp cheaper prices.


For Gant, the collaboration an effort to re-establish itself in the US market. A market that Gant did in the 90s for some really bleak years. Now it is an American designer to be reintroducing a fundamentally American company with Swiss owner and operated from Sweden.

– When I first got the request from Gant’s US boss, I was honestly a little skeptical of cooperation and did not really believe I would have the time to do a collaborative collection. But when I realized there was an idea of ​​a longer-term cooperation, I became interested. I can personally relate to Gant by the younger brought clothes from the brand so it feels very exciting to be a part of the brand’s development, says Michael Bastian.