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Marc Jacobs Miley Cyrus T Shirt

In New York’s Lexington Avenue Armory, there was the parade of the Marc Jacobs collection fall/winter 2013-2014 under a beautiful full moon. The designer has always enchants us with location set in spectacular fashion and once again has managed to impress although some technical problems-natural. In recent days a snowstorm put totally ko the northeastern Usa creating many problems for the designer, who was to present his new collection on February 11 and not the 14 as in fact happened.

Creative Director of one of the most important and fascinating in Europe, Marc Jacobs, the large expected, in every sense, this New York Fashion Week, albeit with a few problems and a slight delay (marched on the last day of the fashion week), has finally presented the creations of autumn/winter 2013-2014.Needless to say, the show was great and that the garments and accessories for the new season are particularly chic and highly sought after, because that’s exactly what you expect from a great talent of fashion. For him a great Hall, a huge catwalk which topped a cartel and bright full moon. Each creation was lit in a sublime way, every look was more intense, more rich, more cool. No doubt about it, Marc Jacobs knows how to surprise her exigent public, including Sofia Coppola, Miley Cyrus and Christina Ricci.

But let’s talk about the parade: what gave us the great Marc for the next cold season?

Retro Mood, sequins and furs and accessories vintage style . Proposed by the designer clothes are inspired by those worn by the women in 20. The collars of dresses and coats are those from the polo, which we find in the different looks proposed by the designer. The lengths are different: it goes from hot shirts, real brief chic at pencil skirts to dresses in silk or covered entirely of sequins, not to mention the pencil skirt, which gently touching your knees. The palette is rich in sophisticated shades such as gold, silver, Burgundy and some pastel metallic finish. Great importance is reserved to the fur, used mostly at night, matched, in fact a cocktail dress and gala dresses. Accessories were all made of leather, plain or Python, and have featured bags, mainly clutches and clutch with chain, shoes, pump and mary jane retro, and perforated gloves, both short and long.

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