10 x Overcoats

Polo or Covert coat, overcoat or Peacoat, single or double breasted? What defines the perfect overcoat is the least personal. In today’s article, we want to list 10 options of overcoats that are ideal for both the Swedish winter and well into spring. Then a coat of reasonable quality rarely is cheap, it is a garment should see as a long term investment.

The key according to us to be satisfied with their choice of overcoat is to know their personal style. A suit may be necessary regardless of whether you are a punk or a lawyer but an outer coat is something that is worn daily during the winter months. Then it is more important to its color, cut and model fit with the rest of the style and wardrobe. You know you have a very still dressed and often goes in a jacket, pants or suit odd perhaps a classic overcoat with single or double breasted is the best choice. Do you instead to have a little more casual style is pea jacket or “Peacoaten” a good choice as an elegant material works well with the suit but does perhaps mainly jeans and knitted sweater.

Below are 10 favorites from us.


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