Allegri Autumn 2010

Recent seasons have been much talked about technical performance fabric in men’s fashion. A brand with a long experience in the field is the Italian outerwear specialist Allegri which since its inception in 1971 worked with over 2000 different kinds of fabrics. The brand’s autumn and winter collection includes everything from sporty jackets in Kevlar to elegant coats of water-repellent cashmere.

Characterized for the brand as well as many other Italian outerwear manufacturer style is mix of elegance and sport. Natural materials are interspersed with more technical fabrics in a close-fitting and often somewhat shorter cut. Far from some of the most traditional, but for those who like to break off the suit with an outer garment lighter and more modern feel offering this type of brands many stylish options.

Private label Allegri working with three different lines; Dressed Milan, A-Tech for a more casual look and more luxurious Black Label.


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