Do You Have Scissors Handy? Break The Seams of Your Jeans!

It seems that we we have do birth? a new trend. And that remains to be seen, as in fashion there is nothing new and everything is reinvented. And now we return to our era of schoolgirls where we got the Cowboys and rajabamos them by down to create an effect flared without being it. So again this type of pants that both triumphs today… And we don’t say it, the street dictates it with different looks.

Diligent to them

Fashion week has been the best scenario to see how they operate these jeans (all of them in look vintage and Albacete in line). But if there is someone who does not take them off that’s Chiara Ferragni, would who if not? You know, the most famous salad is not lost even a single trend.

are you going to fall into the temptation?

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