Drake’s London Fall 2014

It’s no secret that we our site has a good eye to British accessory specialist Drake’s London. For every year that passes manages the firm’s co-owner and creative director Michael Hill to develop the company further. Normally, it is about innovative fabrics and materials mixtures or exciting pressure but in recent times he has increasingly been adding new products to Drake range. This includes about knitwear, bags, jackets and shoes. Just shoes are something we in today’s text would highlight along with the company’s autumn collection.

Already a couple of years ago chose Drake’s commissioning a shoe. Then it was a rough brogue of suede with rubber soles under its own label though made from British Sanders and their model Olly. Last year they had a partnership with premium manufacturer Saint Crispin’s. This autumn, they have instead chosen to release four models along with the iconic US shoe manufacturer Alden. Michael Hill is very fond of suede and chose to do all four models in different shades of the material.

These are a classic longwing brogue, a plain toe Blucher, an unlined chukka boot and Alden’s iconic Indy boot. It was very unexpectedly just making models in suede and we had probably expected at least one of cordovan and calf leather, but the idea is to contribute to a well-dressed but casual style suede really allows. Drakes are phenomenal to just defuse a dress and tie bearing to ensure free and easy out.

The shoes are sold only in Drake’s own store in London but can also be sent to those who wish, if you will email them. The price is about 5800 SEK for all models.


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