If Flannels

Among trouser designs for the autumn and winter season, flannel pants a given location. The roughened surface lends itself equally well to odd blazer as cashmere shirt. Our site tips on how to succeed with the model.

Form & skyline

Anyone who really wants to get use to their flannel trousers should choose a flat front model in relatively narrow cut. Stitched front pleats may be an option for those who want to get up the waist and hide some of the stomach, but then there will also be feeling something more traditional and not as användbarför a more casual style accented with for example a knitted cardigan. To give the pants a finished case it is recommended to let the sewing stroke at byxavslutet.

Material & color

Flannel pants perhaps associated primarily with dark gray, which is a safe color choice that works to the above components in both black and blue that much brighter colors. A dark blue blazer and a pair of gray flannel trousers is a timeless combination hard to fail. But even blue and brown colors are useful for flannel pants. Another strength of flannel is that it fits into many different shoe styles. For a pair of black shoes as a pair of double monk straps are feeling dimmed sophisticated, but the matte surface also creates a nice contrast to the brown suede shoes in warmer hues.

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