In the Spring of 2015 by Ralph Lauren

Although it is still the middle of winter, it is time to start to glance at the spring collections that usually appear early next month. First up is one of the real heavyweights namely Ralph Lauren in the usual spirit of delivering the American dream.

Ralph Lauren blazer silhouette changed surprisingly little over the years. Jacket shoulders are usually wider than many others on the market, buttoning lower and jacket length is often slightly longer. There are details that give a very masculine silhouette combined with its luxurious fabrics.

In the spring collection, we see a lot of white pants, navy blue jackets and three-piece suits. Our favorite is unsurprising monster Purple Label line which not only has a high craft and tygnivå but also a very nice cut.

The price level of Purple Label is still high but the jackets and suits from Polo now being offered at very affordable prices with a new slightly slimmer silhouette and half canvas construction.


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