Sophisticated Quilted

The quilted jacket is not entirely uncontroversial. Many point to it as a versatile jacket to a fairly frequent human price, while others call Jack type for tantiga horse blankets. Our site has a selection of her favorite models for fall.

Style to wear quilted jackets outside the arena became popular in Italy in the early 90s. Mainly through brands such as Barbour, Lavenham and Henri Lloyd. In Sweden and in particular in the Stockholm area, has quilted jackets and classic Barbour Liddesdale in particular unfortunately become something of a symbol of the little counts with half shitty attitude. But to reject a garment just because it appeals to an audience with a little too much hair wax for his own good would be nothing short of a tragedy. For ease and almost endless combination possibilities make this a superb jack type for much of the fall and spring.

A half-long model of narrower cut is a good starting point that fits well over the suit leisure outfit to go out with the dog. An important point is the material itself. Models nylon is often something shinier than, say, cotton and ullditon which gives a slightly more subdued and slightly worn impression.


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