The Dressed Down Jacket

Down jackets associate many as sporty outerwear for the ski slopes. But in line with the classic men’s fashion moves more towards the sporting world and vice versa, it has begun to appear more models that combine jacktypens lightweight feel and amazing features with a little more elegant feel.


Jackets filled with down is not only extremely light but also keeps the heat way down on the thermometer minus scale. As the outer shell is often used nylon or other synthetic material, which can provide a nice contrast to the jacket or suit. Recent seasons have, however, begun to appear versions of finer wool quality that harmonizes better with a little more well-dressed wardrobe.


Many people associate Jackets as bulky and generally bulky, which is no longer correct. Today there are many thinner models with a figure-hugging cut that has the characteristics of many of the more substantial versions. A constant controversy surrounding the down jacket is its length. This is a jack type often do better in a little sportier, shorter waist length. Anyone who refuses to compromise on the classic style rule that outer garment should always cover jacket should look for a different jack type.


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