Those who do not already own a trench coat learn some point in life to face the decision to buy one. Get garment holds the same iconic status and rich history. But how necessary is actually the trench for the modern closet?

Often emphasized the trench coat as a functional rain, which perhaps was true in the trenches during the First and Second World. Today there is much smoother outer garment in modern materials that weigh a fraction of a classic trench and in many cases with superior water repellent properties.

Still, it’s something about the classic trenchcoat. The story of the trench made their way up from the trenches through the big screen with known carriers Humprey Bogart in Casablanca, Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau to become a true icon-garment is in many ways unique.

Stylistically, the trench coat is incredibly diverse, which Burberry clearly showed in their digital photography exhibition Art of the Trench. The trench is carried by from inveterate hipsters to superannuated businessmen with one foot left in the 80’s. Garments that suit all styles are a fashion worn cliche, but for trench claim can not be truer.


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