Men’s Leather Belts 2016

Belts are extremely right, as they help keep the pants up. You can get them in all kinds of materials, colors and shapes. They are both functional but also fashionable, and they can fit to men, women and children. They can be adapted to all individual styles. For the businessman, who would like to be a little more casual, an Anderson’s merge belt in multicolor textil goes absolutely fantastic with a few discrete chinos and loafers belonging. Rivets are popular as never before, so for her, would a leather belt with studs, fit perfectly into the skinny jeans and at the same time provide a good contrast to a w. lining. In this way it becomes raw and the feminine combined, and one could possibly put a few chic ankle boots with French heels or leather jacket. Greenstone Belts are not just a fad; they are also used for sport. If you are a runner, you can get them, with room for water bottles as well as with compartment for keys.

Men's Leather Belts 2016