Men’s Vintage Clothing

The retro fashion influencing in the present day

The vintage style in clothes always end up occurring one way or another, but many end up not knowing.A lot of fashion goes back and forth, some following the same style of the season, others end up adapting to the current era.Those who know, not all know how to correctly define what is vintage fashion, but along the content we are slowly explaining and how it influences our clothes men.

What is vintage style?

Considered retrograde by some, rereading by others.It is the re-reading of the style of the past more specifically between the twenties and sixties in theory.From the 70’s onwards it is not considered vintage, but trendy can be considered more recent times.I see a lot of website and fashion blogs quoting vintage showing influences from the 90s, even written by fashion consultants.The fashion from the 70s onwards may even be accepted because fashion is more democratic than the decoration where they are more strict according to

Vintage style for men

In men’s fashion, many men are scared only by the word. Soon he associates as something old, tacky and disposable, but often unaware of the cause. Few know the connection with the vintage masculine style in their clothes, until often present in their wardrobe.
Increasingly on the catwalks we see influences on collections, as each year consumers see the need for something new.In the end the stylists make a rereading with minor modifications and thus we are deceived rs.

We selected two vintage fashion classics that survived unmodified over the years.The jacket that has come back up in recent months and the men’s flannel shirt that looked good last year, but should not appear this winter 2013.

Vintage Jackets

The biggest classic that has remained for a long time, going through several decades and still survives to this day are leather jackets, biker style.How to talk about vintage men’s fashion and leather jacket without remembering James Dean , synonymous with style of the time.

Even today vintage jackets are marketed because because of the quality material that is leather, it is able to go through decades without wearing down.Of course if you know how to clean the leather properly, take all necessary care, your jacket will last throughout your life.

Let’s build our combination?We have two looks imitating the vintage suit adapted to the current style, of course.

This jacket style is called perfecto, it was very successful in the 50’s and appeared in the last months again.

Plaid flannel shirt

The flannel shirt is recent compared to the jacket, but does not fail to portray the past.Peak in the era of grunge style

Who does not yet know the flannel shirt, is a type of shirt usually with plaid pattern with velvet-like flannel-like fabric.

Despite the informality of the ordinary plaid shirt, in vintage fashion the flannel plaid has a certain formality in the set.

To finish more of the vintage style being used in a modern way, because nobody wants to look old in the visual.That’s the key to knowing how to use things from the past correctly.