Men’s Winter Boots Stylish

This winter, you want a pair of warm boots, but still all the same classic? You want to eating out without too much freezing feet, but without seeming to be left to play in the snow?

Luckily, we’ve put together our top 5 favorite city winter boots.

Sorel-Ankeny mid-high Hiker

We all know Sorel and its big winter felt boots. It’s going to play out, but to exit, it is best to leave them in the closet and get out its Ankeny for a more urban & mat style.

Manufactured leather full grain waterproof and lined mesh, these boots will be your best companion in town this winter. Check for more cleaning tips. In addition, thanks to their spikes in angle brackets, you squeeze course not slide on snow or ice.

Lowa-London Gtx Qc

The London GTX QC at the look of high shoes are boots perfect for all men who are struggling to get used to the idea of wearing boots in the winter. You will feel to wear shoes, but with more comfort and better insulation.

The London GTX QC are made of leather full-grain smooth with a stand-in in GORE-TEX®.With these boots on this winter, nothing will stop you, not even the puddles of slush because these boots are waterproof.

lowa-oslo gtx

This other model of IOWA and as done for the town for the campaign trail. No matter where you squeeze, you’ll stay warm thanks to its leather Nubuck and GORE – TEX®.

Waterproof and breathable, this boot will not let you down (this is the case to say) thanks to its gripper and profile hanging on the snow.


We have already talked a little bit here:but this is the winter of Blundstone model. It looks the same as the model classic, but in a somewhat more winter version.

Insulated with 200g of Thinsulate, these unisex waterproof boots offer an increased heat in addition to offering ultimate comfort thanks to its inner sole in sheep’s wool.

Hanwag Canto Mid Gore Tex Winter

The Mid Winter Hanwag Canto is personally one of my favorite. Its super simple and classic look gives it a little something more than the others.

Made of Nubuck leather and lined with GORE-TEX®, this boot will not disappoint. In addition, his collar in soft fleece will give you unparalleled comfort. Waterproof, breathable, it also adheres to the ice with its sole Icegrip, what do you want more