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MFW: My Personal Highlights

Recently, I was in Milan, where once again, the fashion week took place. After I’ve skipped already NY and London, did I correctly forward to Milan – and was not disappointed! Also some surprises were not there to consider really amazing collections Partially, there were moments, because had I prefer ripped the clothes off the models and would be away to walk, but unfortunately I have to be patient myself – and you still half a year you -, until the beautiful things are finally also in the trade. And while the wish list is getting longer and longer, for me it is now clear that:
The upcoming autumn/winter will be quite fantastic!

My personal highlights, clearly Max Mara, which have put not only a sensational show where I metaphorically felt transported in the Berlin of the 20s and 30s, but with her collection was awakened desire in me to own one of their beautiful coats. I now know at least that one of my first investments will be a nice coat of Max Mara in October. Especially the combination with the short shorts and the fishnet stockings told me to as well as all of the two-parter stories. I’d forgive notes, there would be a 1 + – asterisked clearly!

Shock in love I am in the Italian label Paula Cademartori, which produces striking bags and shoes and made for some want moments with me. While things are mostly very down, at the same time, there are also some beautiful pieces, designed for the super
(Office) Everyday life such as. The flat models with
the gold clasp. My absolute favorite!

Hogan impressed with the color palette:
black and white. But Hogan would not Hogan,
If the magic formula, not something more complicated
would be: black + white + very much oversized + a
little tomboy + a touch 60ties + a pinch of
Rivets = right up my alley.

FURLA took care of a lot of surprises: I had the label very classic and – admittedly – something boring in memory with transparent bowling bags and stuff like that. But it all came different: instead surprised FURLA with really beautiful, intricate bags that fit perfectly in the summer festival: with elaborate patterns of hole punching, riveting and leather applications, I was quite down and away from the beautiful bags of the label. Love!

Fendi in a collection – but eventually, Fendi is an Italian fur company, so no wonder! But at the same time I’ve seen a perfect and sophisticated sartorial rarely like at Fendi, whose Mäntel fell partly almost under the category of art. Of course, everything is fine hand work, as you could see, for example, on the inside of the fur coat. But the fur-free items were real masterpieces, very Italian, a little playful and have Fendi so clearly highlighted and shown that Fendi has earned its place at the top right.

Elisabetta Franchi like striking like it and so the collection was unmistakable on the theme of circus rejects what also contained a very important message: animal welfare. Wild animals should not be performing to the entertainment of the audience and include in the great outdoors. Beautiful Pailette dresses and capes are what but definitely in the circus owned and fortunately there were some of them to see. Even if the collection was partly not always entirely mine, since some pieces were, they left fast my pulse with happiness in the height.

Shoes are my passion, that’s why I was as great Jimmy Choo very enthusiastic fan of the new brave models with feathers, tassels and laces. And I even have a favorite model!

Charlotte Olympia is the epitome of playful fashion and even though the last collection basically impossible could be topped (cats! Maps of the world!) so, this collection was inspired by the book very close with Spacey and kitsch motifs,: the girl who fell to earth.
I love the eye-catching sales and especially this bag: a UFO with a Leopard in it. So or so Olympic connects me with Charlotte a great passion: cats!

Versace stands for Italian sex appeal and because there was no shortage in this collection. My favorites were in the patent leather applications that delicate colors that stood in contrast to the black and especially the jacket-skirt combo, which has looked so fantastic on Gigi Hadid. Keep in mind I will also the shoes and bags by Versace in any case, that score with cool details and are at the same time timeless classics.

Conclusion: Even after so many years has lost either of its glory, yet by his creativity Milan and earns its reputation as a fashion capital. You can not otherwise say it as: the Italians having it in the blood…


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