Milan Fashion Week Schedule

The Milan Fashion week 2016 gives us many looks street style that perhaps will dictate new trends as well as those seen during the fashion shows of the big fashion houses. Basically, you have to ask: what do you wear to a fashion show, made by one of the biggest names in fashion? A time someone would answer that elegance is everything on these occasions, but if you want to be immortalized by the shots of the photographers just road outfit, then you need to get noticed. The password is: overdoing it.

You have to dive into the closet and wear things at random? No, or at least so it shouldn’t be, because overdoing it, dressing in bulk is anything but. To the uninitiated, however, is just what it sounds like but behind the choice of an outfit, can anyone believe it or not, there is always a selection, a real studio complements. But proceed in order, because usually those who participate in a fashion show tries to pay homepage to la maison that invited him, as in the case ofthe vip look in front row, wearing clothes for the occasion of the latest collections of the same brand. Compared to the stars, fashion fans don’t always have the ability to change outfit quickly and always having a brand’s creations in particular, so the only solution I have is to mix more brands and styles.

Among the street style look of this Milan fashion week trend in 2016 have certainly noticed a great use of the bomber, the trendiest jacket, oversized version revisited. There are three proposals that go for more: that metallic, satin or military style. And how they matched the fashion influencer? Midi skirts and wide trousers and shorts are pleated and the favorite pieces to complete a nice look, to which you can add sandals with SOCKS or wedge sole lace-up tank. See Fashionissupreme for long dress for short person. The style, indeed, at least on this occasion of the Milano Fashion week 2016 is pretty easy but not subdued, because between intense colour mixes, especially emerald green, sky blue, bright yellow and pink, and unexpected, especially the accessories embroidered bags and processed, there really is to make the eyes and possibly draw some inspiration to create fashionable outfits.

In our gallery you will see all the most interesting trend street style look of this Milan fashion week: don’t miss them!