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Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.
This sentence is taken from a scene from “the Devil Wears Prada”, according to Anna Wintour, the VOGUE of the US and the (good) sound of the fashion industry. Snippy, a little overbearing but always dressed well – often stems from industry as or something similar for outsiders. Who has but once worked in fashion white: it’s different. Following in our series of “How to get into fashion” we give a concrete insight into the everyday workload of editors, designers, PR managers and and and. Who are the faces behind the large companies and what really far away from the runway? We will tell you.

Katharina Hogenkamp, fashion marketing writer at net-a-porter in London is the first.

How did you get on your job and what did you do before?
It was work for me at the time to make a difference after two years in Berlin. In the German capital, it is easy to make contacts, but lack permanent and internationally known companies. Abroad, especially to London, I’ve always wanted and my aim was therefore to jobs in the British capital sought. Although much good contacts is also in the UK, at net-a-porter I applied but classic about an ad. Also here wants to be said: many cancellations of other companies had been preceded by my application.

In Berlin I was freelancing as a fashion writer working (among others for Masha) after I 6 months in the Newsroom reported by LesMads side by Search on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The half-year was very exciting for me and has me to move my professional focus from print to online to lay. During my journalism degree, I have also completed internships in the fashion editors of ELLE and Madame in Munich and requests for photo shoots, styling and General Organization support the editors.

What does a fashion marketing writer?
I am a fashion marketing writer at the moment in the German translations team at net-a-porter. With the English editors we translate into close contact along with a French and the Chinese team, the content of the website. This includes among other things the weekly magazine “The Edit”, Porter magazine, as well as features from the field of fashion, beauty and travel. There is a separate team for product descriptions. It is particularly important that I sure master both languages, German and English, written and spoken at my job and accordingly reproduces content.

What is your workday at net-a-porter?
I’m starting at 9:30 in the morning at net-a-porter. First, I check emails and the daily schedule, say which projects are every day. “The Edit” and the associated features appear weekly, and are therefore closely clocked. We have some more time at Porter. Until 13: 00, I’m working on topics, am in meetings with my team, and then go to lunch. In the afternoon it’s usually quiet and I have time for their own projects. The atmosphere at net-a-porter is very relaxed and there’s always room for creative ideas or views on other areas as styling, video editing, personal shopping, etc. in addition each employee can participate events or fire academies, training on different brands where depending on the time. Closing time is 6: 00 but often I use even my night to work on their own ideas or my blog.

What tips would you give fashion students and graduates for internships – or job search?
Never give up, don’t be too good for nothing but let’s not exploit!
Who wants to work in the fashion industry, should adjust to much and tough competition. In Germany, it is still relatively relaxed compared to the international market. Nevertheless, often several hundred applications come to a position. Having no or a very late response is therefore unfortunately normal. Whether internships or job, I have always several times hooked up, sign up by phone or to the respective companies personally went to submit my application. Today many things about mail runs and personality is often lost on a screen.

Also, one should expect big money in the industry. Despite minimum wage, many internships and jobs are still un(ter)bezahlt. In Berlin, there are also mostly freelance projects and less permanent. Even if it is nice from the café or from home to work – in the long run it was not an option for me.

What you like most about your job and how you introduce your professional future friends?
At net-a-porter, I have a super team and really enjoy going to work every day. My job is varied and the company gives many opportunities to develop and learn new one. I wanted to work has always been in an internationally known companies and net-a-porter is this ideal. Plus: Not only London, but also the people I meet here every day inspire and push me for my future.

How I just imagine that I cannot say. Of course it would be nice at some point to be my own boss how, where and what I don’t know exactly yet. I find it fascinating London and can well imagine me long time to stay here. With the appropriate job – preferably in the field of online – this is better of course.

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