Most Comfortable Mens Pajamas

When you’re a man, which is not easy to find a comfortable Pajamas that remains still elegant! The Orangerie was well understood and you gives some tips for finding the perfect pajamas.


To sleep well, be comfortable in his night clothes! It is best to choose a sleepover in your size, or rather wide in order to be freedom of movement. We often advise to opt for clothing incotton: a very respectful material of the skin, hypoallergenic and comfortable.This is why all the Orangerie Pajamas for men are made of cotton.

For more comfort, Pajamas men the Orangerie have the elastic waist of the t-shirts in white mesh very sweet, are in 100% cotton twill, 100% cotton Poplin… You can also choose a short Pajamas, pajamas with short or long sleeves, etc.

Elegant and…

Most Pajamas for men are often fun to wear but rarely elegant. The Orangery Pajamas combine these two qualities. Despite a high degree of comfort, the side ‘chic’ has not been forgotten: button in natural mother-of-Pearl, embroideries and prints modern and coordinated between patterns trends (Scots), pieces of cloth stitched together… Our nightwear for men are of soft colors (blue, coffee, beige, white) for a sleek look and refined.

Plus: the look ‘ like father like son “with Pajamas that fit little matter the age.

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