My 2014 – A Summary of the Year

So here when 2014 begins to come to an end, I would like to as well as last year, allow me to summarize the impressions of 2014. The idea is that unlike our normal post that is more objective to be a little more personal and simply sum up the fashion year 2014 as I see it.

The type of fashion that I and also our site readers I imagine, attracted by different really is not that much over time. We’re not short-term trends in fashion or dictate what is considered right now. When I share with you how I perceive fashion year 2014 and what it has meant to me and how I have inspired so these are rather of subtle differences compared to the year before. For me it’s very much a reflection of personal style. Something that my dear colleague Andreas Weinås summarized in in my our site main post 2014.

A great role model for me in terms of both style and writer Bruce Boyer. I asked once asked him how he sees the style and fashion. His answer sums up very well even how I look at things:

Fashion is commercial, superficial and short-term while the style is personal, individual, long-term and self-reflective”

Below, I would like to summarize and comment on things that affect my 2014 in terms of style and fashion.


2014 was the year when I seriously caught the eye of tailoring. I’ve always had an interest in classic fashion and dream in the eyes gone up and down Savile Row countless times. In 2014 genförde my first clean tailoring service ever in the form of a jacket and odd trousers from the tailor Thom Sweeney in Mayfair, London. It was an amazing experience that was later followed up by that I bought a jacket of Zaremba bespoke and unfinished works of the Italian tailors Solito Napoli and Sartoria Corcos from Florence. Something I will write more about this in 2015 at our site. What appeals to me is the craftsmanship and knowledge behind something and that the customer gets something truly unique. The fit is impeccable, and the design allows one will be able to use the garment for many years.

The fit and the silhouette becomes more classic

This is really something that has come gradually and I have the past two years, leaving the tight and short Italian classic fashion any more. The pants have become somewhat longer and fotvidden is by default now 20 cm and allowed to touch the shoe compared to earlier when I preferred 18.5 cm and a slightly shorter trousers. I have now for the first time in many years sewn up pants with slightly higher waist and stitched pleats time which may be a natural and straightforward cases. Beaten on the jacket this season has been a little wider for me and now stands at around 9.5-10 cm against former 8-8.5 cm. Even his jacket length has become longer. If this is related to the interest in tailored clothing has increased is hard to say but it can be a consequence as these usually are a little more classic in style to be used for an extended period regardless of trends.


To Instagram mentioned here has to do with the fact that many like myself exhibitionist base exists and style interested people more than happy to share pictures of well-polished shoes and well-cut jackets. Instagram is in many ways very inspired and signed gladly share with you the pictures related to things that inspire me personally, and that is largely style-related. It has also become an important channel for smaller brands, manufacturers and tailors as a free way to reach out to a new market and clientele.

proper bags

I have always been fond of bags of good quality. It has over the years moved on everything from solid leather briefcase, sturdy suitcases to the canvas totebags. In 2014, I came for the first time in contact with the American family now Frank Clegg Leather Works and bought my first, but not last, bag from them. An incredibly exciting company run by the family Clegg in Massachusetts in the northeastern United States, which produces well-made bags and accessories of extremely high quality in the best possible leather. Specifically, I have stuck to their totebags the rough tumbled calfskin with little structure as well as the classic portfolios in light saddle leather that will be able to keep up with a life and grow in a very fine manner over time.

new acquaintances

One of the absolute best things to get work as a freelance fashion writer is that I get to meet so incredibly many interesting people. It is from cobblers and tailors with a passion for their profession and who possess an incredible craftsmanship to other writers and journalists as well as signed an unhealthy great interest in what we write about. There are people who are the owners of their own brands or stores and the occasional purchasers. Overall, a crowd of people from all over the world share a common interest and in many cases similar values. Some inspiring and interesting people I’ve met on Jamie Ferguson and Juan Bosch Riviera from Drakes London, Christian Kimber, Simon Crompton, Angel Ramos, Thom Sweeney, Bruce Boyer and Maciej Zaremba to name a few. Great personalities with a great sense of style.

Made in UK

I have in recent years increasingly glanced against the British Isles to draw inspiration from the past taken more inspiration from the classic Italian fashion. There is of course nothing is black or white, and I’m still very fond of the Italians’ interpretation of the British style, something they themselves call stile ingelese. What I am referring to the Made in UK is that there are still many interesting companies that have a manufacturing locally. It is often a long history and solid craftsmanship. Two of the companies I want to highlight in this regard is Scottish halsduks manufacturers Begg & Co and outerwear specialist Private White VC from Manchester. It moves in both cases, if a product of the utmost class where you do not compromise on anything which is completely made according to old methods in the UK.

Shoes, shoes and shoes

Shoes will always be current on my list. This is precisely one of my greatest interests, and an area that is always very popular when we write about it here at our site. Interest in the shoes of a higher quality has increased dramatically in Sweden in recent years. This has led to skomakaryrket again has received a boost. We are men who want to geek out us something but absolutely no interest in cars and electronics, or any other area men can easily take an interest in, has got a reason to cave us into something else. We talk lasts, seams, made to measure, hand sewing and polish and polish in all its forms. Personally I in 2014 stuck a lot for Edward Green, offering a style that appeals to me and produced in the very best leather qualities in an exemplary manner in Northampton. This year’s favorite was a pair of so-called made-to-order boots from this company in the model Galway made the round 202-last and in the glorious grain leather Rosewood Country calf.