My First Own Jewelery Collection

Maybe you have noticed already there by my social media channels, but I’ve created a small but fine jewelry collection in collaboration with style nest – and I can show you the results at last!

The jewelry collection has the name Luna, which is somewhat ambiguous in this case, because on the one he stands for the Moon, my “good luck symbol” that I wear to the ring finger, but it is also the name of the cat from Sailor Moon, my personal childhood heroine, who was wearing the same symbol on the forehead!
So the collection is but a bit varied, I just took yet another symbol, which is quite great find: Roman numerals.
I have long considered what date I it might best take and have for the day of my first contribution decided.

I think by the symbolism of the jewelry gets not only a personal touch, but also something mysterious.
That both subjects also combine can in turn proves the recess on one of the rings so that both rings can be worn not only individually, but also in combination.
Through the mat and graphical look of the individual parts, the high quality comes out particularly well and I personally find Matt jewelry not only beautiful, but also rare.
Particularly is the fact that all jewelry pieces using the 3D-Druck-Verfahrens in Germany are produced, made of high quality 925 sterling silver and not only with yellow gold plated can be ordered, but also in Rosé gold!
Buy you can the beautiful parts here.

This collection is really to the heart and I am very curious how you find them, and who knows, maybe it is also still not the last.

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