News From G.abo Napoli at Spiga 3

We previously on a couple of occasions written about G.abo Napoli here at our site. This has been appreciated by your readers and it is actually one of the brands that we get the most questions about this our site. Probably because they are a company that offers a very good product with very detailed work in a context of low cost.

To begin with, so they opened last winter a new showroom at Via Manzoni 43 in Milan we took the opportunity to visit to watch their latest collection. The reason they moved to Milan in order to better meeting buyers and fashion writers who often pass by Milan rather than Naples. Production is for obvious reasons of course remain in tailors Mecca Naples. For it is precisely the southern Italian tailored look is G.abos hallmark. They offer ready made garments with a look and feel of tailoring fashion from the region. The garments are characterized by the soft, characteristic waterfalls axis; spalla camicia. Chest pocket has the classic boat form; Barchetta and they work with a soft canvas construction in both semi helkanvas.

The jackets and pants are of the shorter and tighter cut with blow a little wider than what we usually see Swedes and sleeve often lost only one button. Overall, it is a typical Neapolitan feeling. The firm is run by cousins Beppe Nicotera and Gianfranco Altobelli after having been started by their grandfather. They describe themselves G.abos style as Sartoria Contemporanea, which translates as modern tailoring. Their style is a bit younger and more modern than the more classic manufacturers from Naples.

What makes that they can keep a relatively good price levels is that they combine some machine-made elements with hand-sewn and scale a factory may have in relation to a small sartoria.


Spiga 3 in Gothenburg and in Stockholm Gabucci are currently the only Swedish dealers of the brand. Just Spiga 3 were also those who took the hit for a little more than 2 years ago. The cousins behind G.abo visit the store regularly and also receives the measurement orders from customers. Last fall, I chose to let sew up a costume from them when I wanted a classic suit with a little more Italian touch than what I usually choose. It was a summer suit in thin gray herringbone fabric. It is in this case a so-called pure made-to-measure without any commissioning tests.

When the suit came the pants were really good and required no adjustment. The jacket was largely good but was a little bit at so I had to take it into something in the back. Even the sleeves were a bit short and needed to be extended. In the context of small touches that neither is particularly costly. Had it been about bespoke, this had of course been adjusted for a study means. In the case of measuring up and the manufacturer are in Italy, you get to solve it yourself, which in and of itself is not a problem. Overall I am satisfied with the suit. The jacket is the shortest team in relation to what I am used to and beaten little broad with their mastiga 11 cm which is more than I normally have. I do, however, feel and design that makes it perfect for the warmer summer climates.

If you want to look at G.abo has spring news recently landed at Spiga 3 and plans to G.abo will visit the store sometime in May. Then, it will also be possible to m├ąttsy for those who wish.