Obsession Morbid Zara by The Fringe

I don’t know that happens this season at Zara, but it seems that has entered all the boho bug and why Add fringe to the majority of items in its collection. Dresses, skirts, t-shirts, bags … nothing escapes this rush by small strips of fabric. Are you going to get?


We started with the dresses, in which we see the fringes falling cascade from the top of the dresses, as it is the case in this study, bib as a collection or directly flooding the garment up and down, to make you feel like a flapper.


The same goes for skirts long and mini versions. We find this in black whose fringes reach almost to the ankle, other skin in Brown and cream more updates like this in the TRF collection.

Parts of the above

May be the parts above the garments which we most see this trend. We find from jerseys-poncho, passing through long t-shirts that remind me of to the Far West of Isabel Marant and tops of plagaditos fringes in bass straps.


Add-ins nor escape this madness of Zara by the fringe. We have them in various colors and sizes: shopper in black and otherwise multicolor bag shoulder bag version.

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