Olympus Fashion Week Autumn-Winter

Last Friday, Feb. 3, began the parades in New York where collections are being presented to the next season autumn-winter 2006-2007, and that they will end next Friday. The Olympus Fashion Week is the first of the four major gateways in womenswear at international level, together with Milan, Paris and London, held this year. Since in the parades of Haute Couture in Paris a few days ago, the collections that were were for this spring-summer.

New York is not my favorite walkway of the four, the truth, I prefer to Milan and Paris. Rather, I prefer clothes that make designers marching in France and Italy. Even so, NY is definitely an important appointment. Won’t be able to monitor as closely as I did with Pasarel.la Barcelona, for two reasons: are many more designers and on Style.com, which is where I take photos, do not cover all the parades.
The intention is to speak of those who have had more success critical, of the famous worldwide, will that we all know, and that most have liked, whether or not known in Spain.

Well, presentation held Friday and Saturday, one that liked most was the of Three as four, that is wonderful cocktail dress, that would also be great as blouse up of jeans. I love the dress, the color and shoes.

THREE AS FOUR other designs (photos above) I liked also, Vogue USA review has not been very generous, in my opinion, with the three designers, of which I only know their names: Adi, Ange and Gaby. For me, comaparados with the rest of the suits and dresses of the rest of the designers, are the only things that have been original in the collection, away from the politically correct and unimaginative New York style.

KENNETH COLE NEW YORK talking about the famous style of the city’s skyscrapers, and, more specifically, of the designers who only seem to know create for the Park Avenue Princesses and their mothers, the parade of Kenneth Coleme has seemed a sublime boredom. The classic paradigm made in USA, what is worth is the Bullfighter of suede photo of the medium, and the blue dress (pictured above right) which pulled out at the end of the parade. That dress that I loved.

Of the rest, although it is nice and, surely, they are perfect garments to get a good Fund closet, I can’t help but think that it is a kind of “I want to be Oscar de la Renta and I can not”. Although, I suppose that the celebrities who sat in the front row, Marcia Gay Harden and the gorgeous Angie Harmon, not think the same.

Other parades MYSELF who has called me attention was that of Myself. Kai Kuneh, that, apparently, is shaping As four, together with Adi, Ange and Gaby, now known as Three as Four, has been quite understood critically praised. Altogether, it has seemed a more complete and fullest collection to his former, and I liked enough, although it has seemed to me something sosa. Especially the black monkey and evening dress long, also black, of the photos on the right. Current, unpretentious and pretty.

RUFFIAN designers of the brand, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, This collection won the Fashion Group International´s Rising Star Award. It is not to die, especially because it is repetitive, but I like it because you get the retro style, very 30’s resulting current, without resorting to new cuts, or new materials. It is well finished, and the result is elegant.

Interestingly, the criticism of fashion of Style.com, Nicole Phelps, think of Ruffian so I think Kenneth Cole. I am not an expert in design and fashion, just a fan that is guide for your tastes, and, although the outfits of pictures not have liked, I am sure that if Chanel pulled out a dress as the right in his next collection, everyone seems him great, fantastic and chic three.

Have liked this collection dresses of velvet, especially that of the middle of the pictures above.

SARI GUÉRON Finally, in New York on Friday and Saturday, what they liked most, along with the dress of the first photo, has been the collection of Sari Guéron.

The second collection of this designer, who conquered the public and the critics with the first, is easy and very cool. Inspired by the early years of the 20th century in Vienna and in motion Wiener Werkstätte, a very common time for fashion designers, get a clean and modern look for every day. Something more sophisticated, but without being Baroque, for the night, some of his clothes well might be on the red carpet at the Oscars this year.

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