On a Visit to Atelier Saman Amel

Today we take a break from coverage of international brands and looks towards the own capital and more specifically Engelbrektsgatan 29. Here namely the young entrepreneur and grinding taste successor Saman Amel together with his colleague Day Granath opened a showroom with a lot of news for the autumn. In addition, a new tie collection company launches a new measure tailoring service that includes shirts, suits and coats produced to customer requirements.

Saman Amel is mainly associated with the hand-sewn ties as he still sews by hand in Stockholm. For the season, the company has launched a series of ties with the 8-foldkonstruktion in silk. Since its inception a few years ago, the company, among other things have come on Gabucci beyond their own webshop and demand has increased tremendously.

The company consists of the founders Saman Amel and Day Granath has now chosen to add Atelier in name. In the small showroom at Engelbrektsgatan 29 has a wide range of fabrics to choose from, whether it concerns shirt, jacket or coat. On the docks illustrated some examples of how the finished product might look like, and a number of collars to choose from.

The ambition is to offer a whole that completes the hand-sewn ties. Saman says that neither he nor Day are interested in trying to compete with the lowest price possible, but rather to the level of quality that they deliver should be priority one, and depending on how much of the product you want to be hand stitched and which fabric you choose the price will vary. Instead of offering a complete RTW collection, the focus is instead on the customer’s personality and therefore provides only measure sewn.

There are a couple of different levels you can choose from. The costumes and gowns start at 9990 SEK (odd jacket about 7000, trousers around 3 000kr) and that is a case of a Full canvas construction where about 70% of the product is made by hand. Straight Stitches and, for example, canvas is sewn with a machine just like other manufacturers, like Caruso, Corneliani, etc.

In the company’s super-hot line is basically the entire suit made by hand in a small studio in the heart of Naples. What really distinguishes itself pure quality with this design is that even the canvas is handpikérad which is otherwise more or less just made the tailor. The completely hand-sewn line starts at about 17 000.

Important to mention with both of these lines, however, that this is just entry-level prices and depending on the type of fabric, the price may go up slightly. Which details you choose does not affect the price, but is included in the basic price.

When it comes to shirts, there is only one option, and it is also more or less exclusively hand-stitched details and costs from 2500 SEK. The shirts have been partly the pure aesthetic details that pick stitching, pleats and hand-sewn buttons and buttonholes, but also the more critical parts ärmisättning that enables a founder and better suited armhole.

We think this development is a step in absolutely the right direction and a welcome feature on the Swedish market of tailor-made options. We chose to sew up a product in connection with the visit, but what it will be for something, you will get to see the beginning of next year.