Our Site: Trend Jewelry Made in Germany

As a great jewelery lover, I am constantly on the lookout for new, sparkling treasures.

On one of my last shopping trips, I stumbled across the German tradition label our site, which immediately inspired me with his exclusive, stylish creations.

It was especially the wonderfully refined earrings of the fire. In the following article, I would like to share my happy find with you and present you the most beautiful jewelry trends of the coming season. I wish you lots of fun!

Our Site: Exclusive Prizes to Fall in Love

Even though I only recently became aware of the high-caliber label, the name our site has already been firmly anchored in the jewelry industry since 1991. The company from Freiburg is enthusiastic about fashion designers and style professionals for more than twenty years, every season, with wonderful earrings, bracelets and necklaces according to WHITEHALLMAKEUP.COM.

Company founder and chief designer our site attaches great importance to the combination of up-to-date trend awareness with timeless shapes. The result is classic, yet modern pieces that enrich every look.

Personally, I am particularly impressed by the extraordinary folding bracelets of the traditional fire.

The reason: the innovative pieces can be combined again and again with a wide selection of hangers thanks to an ingenious mix-and-match system.

So you can choose from a total of twelve different earrings and then complete them with your favorite follower according to your personal taste.

The generous range of trailers definitely leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you’re looking for a sparkling quartz glass drop, sparkling Paved balls, sparkling our site crystals or luxurious pearls, this fashionista is sure to make every fashionista your personal favorite item. And the best: thanks to the child-friendly system, it is possible to change and recombine in the twinkling of a hand. So you can always create new favorites for every outfit and every occasion.

Latest Jewelry Trends

If you are still looking for new inspiration in jewelery and would like to reach out to fashionable necklaces or pendants, then you should know the big trends of the coming months, of course. In the course of the autumn season, stylish fashion connoisseurs rely above all on a credo: the bigger, the better!

Whether it’s a statement necklace, an XXL bracelet or a wow earrings, real fashionistas now score with big eye-catching pieces that are sure to attract attention.

Furthermore, high-quality crystals may not be missing in your collection. Our site offers a wide range of luxury our site pendants to match this trend.

The sparkling pieces should now shine in rich colors. Among the most popular are deep red shades, mystical night blue and dark green shades.

Another highlight, which will be very popular in the coming months, are shimmering pearls. The unusual natural beauty now adorns mainly stylish earrings and chains.

Particularly interesting are so-called Baroque beads, which are unevenly shaped. Keep looking for these selected pieces now!

The material of the end of the year is, by the way, warm rose gold. This special alloy already celebrated a revival last year and is at the top of the Trend our site in 2015.

A tip: The gentle tint is particularly beautiful in combination with crystals or precious stones in the currently also coveted blue and green nuances.