Outdoor at the Christmas Market

This article is part of the Outdoor Blogger Advent calendar 2014 and presents the 10th door. My idea of ​​a Christmas migration had to give way for a few reasons to the outdoorbranche and our consumption behavior for health reasons. I hope you enjoy it!

Outdoor At The Christmas Market

The winter left this year again. Then he came. Just in time for the opening of the local Christmas markets, the temperatures fall to a tolerable level. Just a few years ago these temperatures were a horror. But now Germany is well equipped. Should “the Russian” stop the gas. We’ve invested in expensive clothing in recent years, which should keep us warm on Everest. From the omnipresent paw, the hairy time elephant to the German brand, which many try to fulfill with a French touch, you find today the complete collections of the manufacturers in every pedestrian zone according to campingtopgear.com.

From The Outside, From The Forest I Come

.. I have to tell you it is very Christmas!

So begins a well-known Christmas poem by Theodor Storm. Some time ago, you could still claim this when you were on the road with expensive outdoor clothing. Meanwhile, these clothes have become mainstream due to functionality and marketing, whether it pleases you or not. They are also seen in the forest, but their bearers are still more frequently found on the Christmas market.What used to be a mass of black coats, is now a mixed mixture of down and hardshell jackets, which presses tightly around the mulled wine stand.

But do not misunderstand me! This is not to be a pure mecker article. Finally, I owe this fact to the fact that I have been able to support my family in recent years. I am so happy that so many people have fun at the Outdoormode. But with all this success and the grandiose triumph of the outdoor industry in recent years, I always ask myself how long this state may still last? The first big shops and manufacturers already complain that the sales do not increase anymore. Is it possible that the mean Christmas market visitor has changed his fashion taste? Are the colorful colors perhaps not so much in the mainstream?

Questions About Questions? The Answer Is Repression.

There are many questions that I ask not only, but also the big companies. This whole growth market of the last few years has now become a repression market. The big players want, no need to earn more profits, since at the end of the chain a few rich shareholders sit who want to become even richer. Outdoor brands and shops were bought up in the last two years like hot cakes. It is difficult to find a large shop that does not have a larger owner or at least a shareholder. The family business is dying out. If you do not buy, you can go under worst.

It seems to me to be an irony of fate that we, too, are “pushing” some consumers in this market. How fast and convenient is it today to order something on the Internet? We usually do this with the big shippers. Because the goods come quickly and reliably.

Back To The Christmas Market

And so we turn around in the circle, as on the Christmas market. Fight us through the human masses from stand to stand and examine the wonderful craftsmanship. On the search for hand-carved Christmas decorations, we ended up at the booth of a friendly Chinese. This has by far the best prices and of course a huge stock! Since the use of next door is itself to blame that I buy their overpriced rubbish. Only at home does the engraving appear on the crib: “Made in China”.

“Such a crap” one thinks fast. The next year will probably be bought again at Ilse! But the use is next year probably no longer on the Christmas market…

And The Moral Of The Story’

I am not an angel myself, and am happy about the products made in the Far East. But right now, at Christmas time, you should not fall for the consumption noise, but for reasons of charity only pay attention that the products you buy are produced as fair as possible. In the ultralight scene this is still quite simple, as most of the products are produced by small cottages. You can not always be sure, but it is a good start. You can also buy as local as possible. Supports the small traders and manufacturers and thus also their families a good feelings in the Christmas time.


Other great Christmas festivities, which are not all as pessimistic as mine, are available in our Outdoor Blogger Advent Calendar. You can find all other doors in the blog aufundab.eu. Many thanks to the organizer Sven and to Torben vom Wandervideoblog for the great graphics! I am looking forward to the next doors of my bloggers!