Pants that Flatter Your Figure

“There is no bad figure is improperly selected clothes.”Probably heard this statement of fashion designers. And they are absolutely right, if you choose clothes appropriate for your figure cuts, will look perfect, whether you are weak as sticks, pear, big ass or short legs. For example, consider pants with what cut they concealed defects and emphasized the beauty of your body.

You are Tall and Thin

Pants type “cigarette” is ideal for you. They are tight on hips, thighs and legs. Emphasize the grace of your figure and hide the fact that actually do not have much ass.

Suitable for lower ladies with impeccable straight legged trousers and lower bottoms.

You Are with Short Legs

Choose not so tight pants with a high waist. This will change the proportions in your favor.

You’re Wide Hips and Long Legs

Forget about tight pants. If you have good self-esteem and want to emphasize the feminine figure, try trousers with low waist and wide legs. If you are worried and want to hide wide hips, try a model with a high waist and vertical stripes.

General guidelines you should keep in mind when sample of pants are:

– If your model pinched in the middle, it is better to change it.

– It is recommended that the width of the pants below is as the width of the hips.

– Some fabrics stick legs, avoid them.

– If the legs are twisted around your legs, probably seams are crooked and it is better not to buy pants.

One size pants is straight and wide – goes almost all the ladies and successfully conceal any defects.

Follow these guidelines the next time you buy a pair of trousers and you will make sure that the perfect figure is a matter of skillful selection of patterns, textures and colors.