Parisian Chef Comes out Not without Combining the Shoes

There are tastes for everything, how to use say, which invalidates a surprise deal with some quirky tastes. About Spiegel is pastry chef and graphic designer. Loves shoes and of course cakes. Show it to the world in these photographic productions which are their passions.

Parisian Chef Comes out Not without Combining the Shoes

There’s nothing new about the fact that Paris, the French capital, to be the paradise for pastry lovers and passionate about fashion. The pastry chef About Spiegel thickens this same list, those who love to produce and eat a good cake. Add an uncontrollable appetite to buy shoes of some of the most iconic French brands.

In recent years, Spiegel has literally turned the camera to the feet. Not for diversion, but to bring the world to your initiative “Desserted in Paris”. The chef walks the streets of the “city of light” in search of the perfect cakes in exhibitors and shop windows of the best pastries. The result is hundreds of photographs taking in the foreground the cake and, in the background, the extravagant shoes of this man who is also a graphic designer.

A job that in addition to the productions of his fellow pastry chefs, includes some of the desserts made by the author of these images.

About Spiegel makes their creations in your public profile on Instagram.