Plus Size Black Shorts for Women

Delicious cotton shorts in Bermuda style with many small details.

There are side pockets on front with extra mini Pocket on the right side and decorative zipper on the left. 2 pockets on the back with shiny black decorative embroidery. All pockets are reinforced with metal rivets.

Plus Size Black Shorts

The shorts have solid waist with belt loops. They closed with button and zipper.

There are postings on the legs. They are sewn, so they do not scroll down.
At the top of the waistband at the back is sewed on a narrow, light brown leather brand imprinted HOTICLE.

The shorts are made in cotton with elastane so they can make themselves a little.
It is Step model with very good fit and wide leg width.

Plus Size Black Shorts for Women

Plus Size Shorts