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Frame Shape-Wayfarer

Since the Ray-Ban designed the first and original Wayfarer in the ‘ 50s, has this sharp sunglasses, along with aviatoren, has been one of the most recognizable and sought-after sunglasses. The changed radically eyeglass industry.

In the ‘ 80s achieved iconic status, and Wayfareren style was immortalised in the film ‘ Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘, where Audrey Hepburn could be seen wearing Oliver Goldsmiths Manhattan.

Wayfareren selected a secession from the passage of metal sunglasses and is now itself a fashion icon. The design is crisp and flippant, and the frames are considered to be a true design classic, which makes use of form technologies of that time. Wayfarer-style with warranty will transform your look.

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Oakley cycling sunglasses

Oakley Plutonite lenses ensures a clear view of the road. So your eyes don’t have to exert themselves to see, and concentration will be better. With the Oakleys Switchlock technology can you replace your lenses in seconds. Turn the lock from and select a lens. It’s that easy.

Oakleys lenses also protects the eyes fashion impact and shock. Reflective surfaces such as asphalt and water usually provides a dazzling reflection. The HD polarized lenses stops 99% of genskæret-with just one filter. Visibility remains sharp.

Oakleys three-point fit ensures that the strong and light O-Matter-frame only touches the head three spots. So you get the best possible comfort. Øregreb and nose pads in Unobtainium increases grip when you sweat, so the frames will be seated, even when there is momentum.

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