Post Surgical Bras

After surgery, the breast tissue is extremely sensitive and can be extremely annoying. Definitely you can not use your everyday bras.

Post Surgical Bras

If you have spent or plan to spend for an increase or decrease of breasts or a mastectomy operation, it is very important to have in mind the purchase of a post-operative brra (also known as bras of recovery according to to help you heal quickly with the least amount of inconvenience possible.

Characteristics of the Bras of recovery


Perhaps the best way to describe a bra of recovery or post-surgery is compared to a sports bra, since they have basically the same design. Broadband and elastic, strong straps and complete coverage of the breasts. Without wires.


Unlike the Sports Bras, the post-operative bra has brooch. Unlike ordinary fasteners, snap is located on the front.

Why is the brooch on the front located? For one simple reason: convenience. Imagine being newly operated and try to fasten your bra in the back. Just a torture. To be located in the front part, the patient can adjust, open and close the BRA with convenience.

Between different models of bras of post-op recovery can find adjustable Bras, including hooks and clasps in different positions to adjust the size, and not adjustable or fixed, with a zipper on the front.

The majority of models allows for adjustment of the straps.


It is mainly material that makes so good post-operative fasteners for recovery after surgery at the bust. Unlike the ordinary Bras which can be found in a wide variety of materials (cotton, silk, satin, chiffon, nylon, etc.), these bras are made with a super elastic and strong genre known as “powernet”.

As many brands of underwear have modified and patented their own variations of “powernet”, it is sure that you will find all kinds of names on the list of materials, but it is basically the same.

The great advantage of the “powernet” is its elasticity and strength that provides the necessary support required for a traumatized and sensitive tissue gently.

Styles of post surgical Bras

Unfortunately you will not find all the different styles of bras “post-op” version. You’ll have to settle for “Sports Bra” style during the time that the recovery (usually a minimum of six weeks for operation simple bust).

In the case of the Bras of post-op recovery, styles have more to do with the type of operation that you’ve submitted that with the appearance that you want to have your breasts under clothing. Remember, they are recovery bras.

For example, in the case of a breast augmentation, the Bras tend to have molded, with support and soft drinks. In the case of the decline, bras have cups, seamless and very comfortable. Special for mastectomy Bras may include an envelope in each Cup to place pads and even effect of bust under clothing.

How to measure the size of a post-operative bra

As we have already discussed it in the past, the size of the BRA is essential to a good fit and an excellent result. The same is the case with the Bras of recovery.

In the case of increases or reductions of breasts, the outline of the trunk, just below the breasts to get the size of the band should be measured. Then you must measure the breasts, making the measuring tape at the top of the bust (by the nipple). Knowing the size of the Cup that is before the operation must be taken into account now the size to which will be (B Cup to C Cup D a B) to buy the cup size that will be after the surgery.

It is very important to bear in mind that, when performing various operations altogether (for example enlargement of breasts along with liposuction), the best is take measures after the operation because they might be altered as a whole by the many interventions.

You can always use professional help to measure your waist both in lingerie shops as in the own doctor’s office.

The price of the post surgical Bras

You will definitely have to prepare to pay a little more than what you are accustomed to paying for a bra for everyday use, but you should keep in mind that the use of a postoperative bra plays a very important role in the recovery.

If you want to find a more convenient price, you can always resort to online shopping and their offers, but you keep in mind that knowing the precise size of your bra is essential to that the online purchase worth.

Remember to talk to the doctor to orient you in the type of support of recovery that you require and the number of hours that you have to use it on the day.