Qute, Application for Mobile in Which Everyone in Stylist Becomes Fashionable and Advisor

How many times we asked our boyfriend/friend/mother How are a dress or trousers left we with? And the truth, we were never satisfied with the answer. It seems that no one there is around us that give us the answer ultimate fashionista who leave us happy. And now a mobile application can help you to choose your look for any occasion or decide if you want to buy something or not, and all through popular vote.

Qute It is a very easy to use application which compares one photo with other users help you with your #ootd Do I put this top for a better or romantic dinner dress of flowers? Of course, the force of the majority I am convinced more than a totally subjective choice of one. In addition, the app allows you to save your own virtual closet with your favourite looks, although this tend to have many other applications of fashion.

The application is designed so that anonymous people to use it with their own looks and so people will help you decide what to wear, but also we can inspire in what other people look, vote the looks of some famous or see what trending are most popular with users.

I like the app because it is very easy to use, just slide your finger to vote for one or another and also because it avoids negative comments or that eat the coconut if few people vote your look. It tries to choose between two looks, rather than vote in positive or negative by a stylist. Of comeduras of jar with what to wear? and arguments between couples can avoid an application as well. In the video you can see how you can vote and how easy that is to upload photos and let others choose your look for you.