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Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fall 2014

Ralph Lauren is almost an institution in menswear. Usually associated the brand with the preppy inspired line POLO but today we have chosen to focus on the best the company has to offer. With production in Italy from the finest materials in hand-sewn designs offer man Purple Label line top clothing of the highest class. The back is well that the price tag often runs off a good distance north of an average monthly salary of an outer coat or suit.

What is different when Ralph Lauren Purple Label example from other manufacturers of top clothing? Above all, the company’s average and daring color choice. The collections are often far from safe, and often draws thoughts in a mixture of The Great Gatsby, British-built country romance and Italian elegance.

Purple Label is generally slightly narrower cut is such as Polo Fit and produced by some of the best factories in Italy. How far it is the most affordable collection to buy is well more doubtful but both cashmere sweaters to jackets quality.

In autumn collection we look crisp white shirts, plaid suits and classic blazers. The pants are a little more generous trouser and Foot width than our Swedish players and many of the garments are combined with elegant velvet slippers.


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