Red and Black Sheath Dress

It’s definitely the right time to shop around to find the perfect gown to wear during the Christmas holidays, the shop will give you surely all the help possible, but if you think about what’s the perfect outfit for a special day? The sheath of course, in memory icon style Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s , this dress is perfect for any occasion, both day and night, it emphasizes our physical emphasizing the curves just right and making us very stylish and sexy at the same time.? Red or black does not matter, the secret is to match the right accessories, sparkling or Christmas they are.

Red and Black Sheath Dress

Little black dress

If you choose the all-black, opt for a long dress up above her knees perhaps with a V-neck on the front or on the back that will make you very sensual, or a Victorian style dress with horsehair, and lace: very sensual and sweet. The shoes no doubt with the high heel combined with a clutch bag embellished with glitter, glittering with precious fabrics and inserts, make your perfect sheath dress! Being in the winter season, you can wear socks, I would advise those red, daring a little ‘more, and perhaps with little details that the resume such as a pin or paper clip to your hair, but I think those classic black are perfect. What completes the look are the fine details such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings, I recommend memo impreziosirvi, remaining on the same shade of color of the shoes and clutch. Of course, this outfit is described by evening, so for Christmas dinner or New Year’s, but if you want to wear the sheath during the day, change the accessories, are wearing boots instead of cleavage and a larger bag or a shoulder strap and large, in short sbizzarritevi however you like.

Red sheath dress

You can also choose the red sheath dress, a must for the holiday season, in this case, be careful not to add too many bright colors and above all not to make too many color overlays. Choosing accessories is very important and should vary according to the occasion in which the suit should be raised, without diminishing the importance of the main color. We can also focus on shades of red, even by adhering to the basic color of the dress, as a beautiful burgundy or coral color. It is advisable to combine with high-heeled shoes, for those who prefer the dancers, for example, it is better to opt for a shorter dress. For a more classic outfit choose white or black accessories ,will make certainly the most sexy and intriguing. Moving on to the choice of jewelry, a must for this season is absolutely gold, bracelets, rings and earrings of this color will give a special shine to your look, but be careful not to overdo it!