Reflection – Was It Really Better in the Past?

Are you also tired of the cliché: “It was better before”? We ask ourselves is whether this is the case? In today’s text here on our site, I want to share with you a personal reflection on the topic completely liberated from things like politics, morality and gender roles with a focus on how far the style and the clothes were really better and look better before?

Personally, I am amused by looking at old pictures of 30-60 century, which according to me was the most tranquil full decades we have had. The blog Voxsartoria presents operating some amazing pictures from above all these years.

Examples of stylish people from this era is hardly lacking. Icons like Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, the Duke of Windsor, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Winston Churchill and Michael Caine are just a few examples. These are and will remain timeless style icons whose style even today can inspire us men. One thing that strikes you is that when it comes to classic fashion actually has not happened so very very clean in terms of style. Sure varies kinds width, tie width and length byxvidd etc. but the big picture is the same and breathe, unlike many other fashion a relatively timeless elegance. One thing you should have with you is that these men already in his time was terrible dressed and great motivators.

A big difference when compared to today was that even ordinary people were better dressed. The vacant courage was not as widespread and the number of suit carriers were far managed to exceed what it is today. It was not about not a class issue or a forced labor attire. Hat and tie was for many, a matter of course and there was a pride in dressing in costume for dinner. I do not want to be a reactionary and realize that it is to be formed by the present, but purely in terms of style, it was actually better before. The common man and a cross section dressed a little more elegant than they do today.

This does NOT mean that courage was better on all counts before. Sure, it was more common with tailored clothing today. Even the clothing from this period were much better made than it is today with more hand-sewn details. The majority of all clothing costumes at this time had sewn shims and called half canvas construction which is a much better design than the glue that dominates among clothing costumes today. However much else happened for the benefit of today’s fashion. To begin with, a lot has happened with the structures.

Today, there are significantly lighter and softer structure which is gratifying and flattering to wear. For it was more common with more axles and coarser structures in general. Furthermore, weaving techniques and modern approach to materials led to thinner and more seasonal fabrics. After all, it’s really nice to wear a sparse woven ullkostym in 200 gr / m in summer and not a wool / flannell of 400 g / m, which many men were sweating in the past.

Furthermore, the technology development particularly revolutionized outer garments. The modern materials and designs available today allows one to combine the appearance and function. GoreTex, super lightweight dunfoder, kevlar, thermoplastic core mm combined with a stylish design means that today can protect themselves better than ever before against the weather and swings.

If you look outside the tailored fashion, today’s materials in, for example swimwear extremely much more thankful than those used before. Just imagine contemporary swimwear 100% cotton that dries in time for November versus a pair of Vilebrequin modern or Orlebar Brown in technical fabric that dries in minutes.

Unfortunately, something happened with the fashion in the late 60th century and for some time to come. Polyester, nylon and substandard structures became more common as consumers rather was driven by lower prices and fluctuations in fashion than the maximum quality. That part of the 1970-1990’s, in my view, history’s least flattering does not help either to lift these decades pure style and function.

Today it seems however that awareness has increased again and the demand for handicrafts, quality, design a higher priority than for many years. This has made the craft professions tailors and cobblers again requested and received a certain status. It is in our opinion a sympathetic approach to the consumer to select fewer, better things can be mended and that last longer but above all looks much better. Not just when they are new but also after years of use.

Overall, there are pros and cons with style and fashion sooner as now but a healthy an attitude is inspired by the history, learn from this, but constantly look ahead.

Trends come and go but the classic style and…