Reflection – What is the Style for You?

In today’s post we go again on the depth and trying to find out one of the most difficult issues when it comes to the area we are working on a daily basis: What is style? A question that many feel as difficult to answer as the meaning of life. In perhaps the longest single article in our site history, we now try to explain what is the style for us.

First and foremost, I want the writer to clarify that this reflection is just my opinions and not be seen as any truth. An issue as complex is of course not a correct answer. For me style of combining several things and I have decided to summarize it in a few points.

Style is awareness

There is much talk about Sprezzatura or a casual, nonchalant approach to clothes. In many cases it is presented as the well-dressed and stylish are the same as not really care and just throw on something. This is obviously very rarely true. 99% of all well-dressed men are at any level interested to dress well. To believe that style icons like Cary Grant or Gianni Agnelli did not care about clothes just because they wore them with a casual matter of course for me is quite out of the question. Being aware and interested to dress well is in my opinion almost always a common element in men with a great sense of style. Knowing the rules of style and its origins can also give the reasons for any choice of violating them.

It is equally important to point out that you do not automatically achieve good style to have great interest. In contrast is usually an interest in the foundation and an awareness of what one wears, whether it concerns a hipster or investment banks.

Awareness may also be to know where the clothes they buy are produced, under what circumstances and at what price. Caring more than just the aesthetic aspect but also what is behind the garments and why they can cost as they sometimes do.

Color is personality

For me, style is to be true to himself. Whether you like trends or ask to Bernard Roetzel in the evenings so it is what your own taste that matters. Not what is right, wrong, trendy or classic. By this I mean: It’s not what you wear but how you wear it that makes the biggest difference when it comes to style.

Slavishly follow trends or classic style rules to fit in or do not make errors appear light as anxiously. Instead to have an open mind to be inspired by both, but let your own taste determine is often what ultimately will be the best. The adage that one should know the style rules to break them often does well when many of these occurred for a reason. Knowing them and its origin can make an active choice based on how far they are relevant to you. It is often those who manage the balance between the correct and the individual who truly exudes style in my eyes.

Some claim that fashion and style is not consistent, which I do not disagree with. Style is a way to express themselves through their clothes, and it can be done in all its forms. Unfortunately, there seems to be a perception among many that style must be timelessness. Just as fashion changes we make to the people. For many, it takes time to find their own style and I think you need to accept that it can be changed through the course of life.

Having a personal style does not mean that you have to be first or alone with what you are wearing. It aims to wear whatever you are inspired by, thrive in and for you. Whether it is playful Italian or British seriously. You do not have to reinvent the wheel but do not follow what everyone else likes. By being honest with yourself can be inspired from almost all styles without for that matter copy them outright. It can be a roughness of a British rural tweed combined with a soft Italian design or elements of our Scandinavian heritage.

Just to Patrick Grant wears a tailored suit Norton & Sons to perfection, or that Steve McQueen looked like a million dollars in a waxed Barbour jacket that does not mean that you automatically have style to copying the concept outright. The persons in question have an attitude, personality and identity that can be as great inspiration but if you do not add their own personality into the equation, the result is rarely successful. Dressy or off is thus no contradictions when it comes to style and a Perfecto in black leather can be the right person exude the same sense of style as a tailored suit someone else.

Style is moderation

Middle of saying we indeed often in Sweden, which, when it comes to style often does very well in my opinion. Temperance is, unfortunately, extremely subjective, but I will try to explain my thought. Of course we will dress themselves personally and express themselves through their style but that usually succeed best according to me are those who have mastered moderation. Being able to adopt elements from different styles that seem relevant but at the same time not become a stereotype for that. Being able to combine a perfectly tailored suit with a bracelet or an asymmetrical tie knot. Perhaps a casually pressed handkerchief or an elegant knotted scarf. Individually, these may be small interesting details that raise even the most formal attire but combine everything with pants or a jacket in bright colors, extremely wide or narrow kind, Colorful suspenders and strumplöst borne, unbuttoned monkstraps it becomes easy for a lot of the good for it to feel natural. You buy the whole style and what should be personal is easily lost as it grows into a collective skyline. It’s easy that it klankas on Italian and Sprezz in this kind of discussion, but the fact is that it applies to all styles. Buying a British style, complete with tweed suit, cap and brogues ready for delivery on the Scottish countryside when one is 24 years old and lives in Stockholm often feels just as dressed up. Do not misunderstand me, of course you should take inspiration from the British, Italian, American or Japanese if you like, but may not buy the whole concept outright.

Then again, moderation extremely subjective judgment. I myself have been epithet “trend Brownie” as well as “gubbig” or conservative, depending on who you talk to. Therefore, it is not what I think it is important, but what you feel. This is just my view of the matter and what I see in many of the men with style I know and met.

Style is respected

Style for me is as much, if not more about it beyond clothing. How to treat and deal with other people, to respect differences in both clothing personality and to care about more than just the surface. Style is not about to know which cutlery to be used, but rather how to behave and treat others like you want to be treated. That does not categorically reject those with a different taste than yourself without respecting that diversity even when it comes to clothing is something positive. To feel the need to carp down on other people’s tastes to justify their own to me is a behavior that rhymes very bad with good style. Being likeable thus have a far greater impact on style than three-piece suits, black oxfords and perfect tie knots together.

Style can also be to the best of their ability to respect a dress code in the workplace or invitation. Being able to express one’s personality in what you are wearing while respecting the dress code as prompted demands great sense of style. Similarly to the guest does not come with pointers if you think someone else struggling with this but rather lead by example.

In many ways, this can also be applied to clothes buying. To have respect for their clothes is for me to take care of them. To nurture their exclusive leather shoes so that they have as long a life as possible. To cook them when they become worn rather than throw away and buy new. To brush their jackets and letting them rest on sturdy hangers when not in use so that they have the potential to truly become the long-term investment was hoped. Buying well-made clothes and shoes need not be about prestige, status and economic conditions, but of interest, personality and priorities and then the clothes deserve to grow old with respect. It can also be about supporting companies that have a schyst production with a sensible working environment and a schyst environmental thinking, even if it means a few hundred more for me as a consumer.

Can you buy style for money?

To summarize, we ask ourselves if we can buy style for money?

The simple logical answer for me is no. You can not buy a good style when none of the things listed above have to do with money. Your interest may be the same if you are a student who Lawyer, your personal taste and how you treat others need not be guided by what you have in the bank.

If you are interested, you can find out what you really like, you can buy your own taste and get the product to fit your body. You can have a clear picture of the color and pattern combinations you are inspired by whether it is from the City Mission or Kiton. There are countless examples where the sender and the price on the suit or the stone-washed jeans were more important than the actual aesthetics.

However, what is not going to come from is of course that if you have an interest, personal taste and respect for your fellow man, then a higher budget make it possible to raise the level of style further. There are probably many who would agree with that one shoe for 5 000kr have a greater opportunity to age with dignity than shoes for 500kr. That’s why we repeatedly argue to buy fewer but better products and take care of them instead of just buying new.

For style is for me to bother and to dare to be yourself…

What is the style for you?