Religion as an Inspiration in The World of Fashion

There are some topics that which are always linked to fashion They seem to bring the controversial word of last name. And religion does not usually fail. On many occasions, when a designer decides to inspire some of their religious symbols or traditional dress collections some religion often appear collective that they protest for the offense involved for their faith that collection.


Karl Lagerfeld came up in 1994 to the catwalk of Chanel to Claudia Schiffer wearing a Bustier was embroidered a few verses of the Quran, although he believed that the phrase of love to the Maharani of the Taj Majal already which saw him in a book about this Indian jewel. The scandal was such that both the German designer and managers of Chanel they had to publicly apologize to the Imam of the mosque of Paris and the model had to be protected by bodyguards since he received death threats.

Two years later, in 1996, Hussein Chalayan presented a collection called “ Burka ”, an exercise tremendously provocative that explored the tradition through Burke of different sizes, up to become in a mask, but with nothing under aspects that the Muslim religion gives to these items and that relate to the modesty of women but which are also interpreted as a form of subjugation of women to men to dispossess her identity to cover his face completely.

Miguel Adrover was also inspired in the Arab world and multiculturalism to present “ Utopia ” in 2001, but was harmed by doing so a few days before the September 11 attack which caused it were crossed out of “ sympathizer ” of the Arab world and all its investors abandoned it.

There was also controversy with the collections presented by Davidelfin in 2002 with the collection “ Cour desmiracles ” inspired by the surrealist movement and the models they came out with his face covered and a rope around the neck and in which many saw references to the Taliban and the war in Afghanistan.

More recently, in 2009, Givenchy also was inspired in the chadors, veils that cover women and different Arab tribes to develop the collection of Haute Couture for fall/winter.


Nothing better than the exit which closed the last parade of Christian Lacroix dress to Dita Von Teese and pull it out as if they were the Virgin de la Macarena. That’s what you had in Harper ’ s Bazaar. And is this dress to anyone that there is seen a procession reminiscent of more a Virgin to a wedding dress.

Catholic imagery is present in many parades and is a classic in some designers as the Dolce and Gabanna, that they play and twist the topics of Italian woman and everything that surrounds it, or Jean Paul Gaultier that is capable of creating a collection inspired by a church: stained glass, virgins, images of Saints, … as it did in the collection of high seam in spring of 2007, parade in which participated also Dita.

Of course the Spanish designers are not strangers to this inspiration, which is present in great figures of history as Cristóbal Balenciaga who was inspired in the habits nuns and friars, or Francis Montesinos from a point far more festive and folk.

And it is that religion is an inspiration that is still present today and there is no more than the parade which Moisés Nieto won the last edition of El Ego, where he developed everything the concept of your collection from the costumes of the nuns and the typical complements of religion: crosses, chains, cords … elements that are seen over and over again hundreds of parades of any season and country.


For a religion to impose extremely strict criteria When it comes to dress not only it is a problem when it comes to dressing the faithful if not which can also pose a problem when it comes to manufacture clothing. That is what happened in 2007 when mistakenly went on sale in shops of Israel a few suits that mixed linen and cotton, rather than in its composition to Zara ultra-Orthodox Judaism does since any mixture considers it a hybrid against nature.

But their way of dressing and its aesthetic characteristic: large curls, hats, main use of black and white, white canvas with strips of blue … also served as the inspiration to Jean Paul Gaultier, more designer “ religious ” in 1994 and that we can enjoy thanks to this video and it showed once again that nothing is out of fashion.

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