Retro Style: Vintage Inspiration

Perhaps you’ve heard about the retro style, more specifically about a trend: Vintage! Yes, this style is taking over the world of fashion, but also conquer the male universe with full parts references and personality. In addition, it is also seen in decorative objects and photographic essays.

Retro Style: Vintage Inspiration

The vintageis nothing more than the sets based on antique pieces, typically used in 1920 until the years 1960. Therefore, it is common for us to have the question of how to bring this to the modern fashion without sounding a bit, shall we say, outdated, right?

Understand the Vintage trend

The first step is to understand what is this vintage trend. A lot of people confuse the terms with the retro style, but are some characteristics that differentiate the two. In fact, the pieces vintage calls came directly from the past. The pieces are actually older and that have not suffered any kind of alteration or re-reading (those found mainly in thrift stores). Retro already are parts and/or style with inspiration in the past according to newvilleoutdoor.

Logically that is relatively difficult to use this kind of truly vintage part, since we didn’t find very easily a shirt or a blazer created in 1920, for example. So, let’s give some tips for you to bet on the retro style feminine. A fad that caught once in people more tuned with the fashion universe, and who enjoy an incredible visual using the retro vintage inspired style.

How to use the retro style female

Now that we understand a little about this visionary style using antique pieces, how about putting it in fashion? Do you know the model of glasses Wayfarer from Ray Ban? So, it is vintage because your frame was created in 1952 and now everyone uses. It’s cool, versatile and retro, but not as retro as your frame is the same as the original. Did you understand?

Another classic example and that conquered the fashion world were the Oxfordshoes, the same models used by the students of the famous University of the United Kingdom. The retro shoes worked with holes and other details returned to Windows to some stations and have invaded with all the female wardrobe.

The tones of Brown, cognac and Brown are one of the striking features of these pieces, mostly accessories and retro shoes. Finally, blazers and jackets with a more old can compose the vintage look that both like and that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion.

The vintage-inspired women’s retro style is knowing some basic parts mix with the characteristics of older parts. The best is that you can wear them with jeans or shorts, if you prefer.

So, convince you to be a fan of retro fashion feminine with vintage influence? You can either mount looks totally inspired or use some old pieces mixed with a more modern and casual. Looks great!

Choose the best way to adapt and let your style more and more connected. Enjoy to find everything you need on the Catwalk.