Revenge: between the O.C and Gossip Girl

It seems that the chicos guapos formula, young and rich works at the time of mount a series (although there are always some who succeed more than others as it is the case of Gossip Girl vs 90210 Beverly Hills). And is that we all like to imagine a life where money is not the problem and with a larger than our current floor Cabinet. So much so that in the USA give us that Passport to dream every night. First came The O.C, followed by Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills. I love the series, that’s why I am pleased to discover new frames with these premises.

The latest to join the truck is the call Revenge. Place? The Hamptons, i.e. much money among the characters. These? Handsome, guaperrimos, and guapazos. Almost perfect. They do not know what is not having a euro (or dollar in his case) in your pocket or not be able to buy clothes until the following month. And much less go knock-offs, what for?

Emily / Amanda

The protagonist appears nowhere in the quiet eager to revenge: in the past, his father became mired in one murder plot where all the inhabitants of there blamed it knowing that was innocent. Years later she appears to take revenge on all and each of the present.

According to andyeducation, its style is classic: very ladylike and refined for my taste, although I must admit that some items used are of infarction.

As it could not be otherwise: cute girl bundled with cute boy No, this to that.


The best friend the protagonist and, I think, who better dresses. Always with mini-dresses, skirts and blouses but with a ultra chic. See it when enter me a like mad that it is already summer.

Among the outfits that I’ve been watching this I’ll take: mustard satin blouse aggregated with mini skirt pleated grey/brown.

Although that looks more they are the mini-dresses: long sleeve, short, tight or baby doll. Does more?

Victoria and Charlotte

Mother and daughter. The first bad very bad, of those mothers that is better to not have in life (is what I mean). The daughter, although at the beginning seems repellent, passing the chapters looks which is mona and good person, although you never know & #8230;

And finally the grand finale & #8230; Amber Valleta. What about it? Beautiful where any, perfect and Super. That Yes, in a world where money is paramount, can you imagine the attitude of this.

What you think about the cast? What score give you you?

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