Ronaldo Fans Outraged at Hawkers Co

The Spanish sunglasses brand challenged the Portuguese footballer’s eternal rival to create a collection of glasses.  Many followers of the company are using social networks to criticize the option.

Ronaldo Fans Outraged at Hawkers Co

Hawkers Co. has invited Lionel Messi to create a line of exclusive sunglasses for the brand. Messi x Hawkers is the name of the collection developed by the footballer, which also gives the face by the new release. Composed of nine models, six for adults and three for children, it is being sold at prices between € 25 and € 30. In social networks, there are many fans of Cristiano Ronaldo who rebel against the choice.

“Sales will go down,” cries Leonardo Agnelli. The choice of words used by the company to promote the new release is also being addressed. «We have designed the new collection of sunglasses from the best footballer in history,»says Hawkers Co ..«Best footballer in history? Someone is presuming too much,”Pedro Marques shoots.”Messi is not the best. CR7 is what it is,”defends Jc Lopez according to

“I’m Portuguese and I like Messi and Ronaldo in this generation. It can not be said that he[Lionel Messi] is the best player in history when you have Ronaldo (phenomenon), Zidane, Eusebio, Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Figo, Zico and so on,”writes Hugo Dias. The photo that contains the most aggressive comments is, however, the one accompanying the sponsored advertisement contracted by the brand to Facebook.

“On second thought, I’m going to change my brand of glasses now,” says Dany Lagoa.”And now, look for another brand,” says Ricardo Correia in one of the more than 95 comments contesting Hawkers Co’s choice. Lionel Messi is not, however, the sole target of cyber haters.”You should have got some of these from Neymar to see if[he] starts to see something,” André Martins Leite added.