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Rules to Combine Shirt and Tie

For many men, it can be difficult choosing a tie that combine perfectly with a shirt and a suit in particular. The variety is so wide, that sometimes it can be difficult to choose the appropriate for each situation.

When choosing the perfect tie, you have to take into account two factors: the shirt and suit. Tie colors depend to a large extent of the other two elements.

The order correct for the choice of the joint traje-camisa – tie is precisely that: first choose the outfit, then choose the shirt, and finally choose the tie. And how to do it? We can apply 2 techniques:

The technique of combining

This is the classical rule of life. Look for similarities between the tie and shirt and it’s find a common point. For example, if a thin blue stripes necktie, shirt may be that tone blue. It is a matter of combining the colors of the shirt and the tie. It is the more classical and less daring way dress shirt and necktie. If it is recommended that the tone of the necktie is something darker than the shirt.

The technique of contrast

It is a form of make a strong difference between the shirt and the tie. They seek a clear distinction making a strong contrast. For example, if the shirt is white, seeks a tie of very strong color, a butane orange color, a Bubblegum pink, etc. The question is to make a strong difference between both garments.

What looks good with that shirt? And here is where the problem arises. They could be many colors, so we will see below some examples of patterns and combinations most appropriate.

The white shirt

The white shirt is a classic of male wardrobe, which combines well with variety of Neckwear.

Se can be combined perfectly with smooth almost all tones ties, although it is advisable to search not overly clear tones that could be lost with the white shirt.

Either way, there is no why stay only in combining smooth with smooth, white shirt it supports practically all, among which we can highlight the following:

  • A dark-colored with thin diagonal lines in clear tonality, as the white. The combination Navy/white is a classic.
  • Of small dots (polka dot) , in particular with warm colours during the summer (the yellow background with orange dots, for example).
  • Wooltie, was fashion in the 60’s and they are back. Ties woven in dark colours attract attention and are elegant at the same time. Ideal for creative.
  • A pattern of Diamond style gingham or vichy in which the pictures are about the size of your thumb.
  • Pictures, you can use white boxes to obtain an interesting camouflage effect.

Sky blue shirt

Combine this shirt is similar to the white. Although it should be more important to harmonize the light blue color with darker tones. A tie in Navy Blue, green or mauve is a good choice.

This style is ideal to combine with ties of tones in gradient, also allowed the different designs.

Light blue collar and cuffs white shirt is an interesting option to generate even greater contrast with the tie. These shirts will give a really acceptable result when the white doesn’t contrast too much with the color of the shirt.

The pink shirt

To combine a pink shirt, the more elegant and simple color is the Navy, which also will look very elegant and professional in business circles. Starting from there, we can play with blue more clear (without reaching the celestial), gray or dark roses that will continue the color range. Also Interestingly, the combination with an Garnet or red wine.

Other tones of smooth shirt

The above styles are classic plain shirts. Still, there are other interesting options that you can add to the Cabinet to make an elegant and original style.

Shirts in Pale shades of lilac, Green or grey are easy to combine a tie Navy Blue or a dark tone of the same range as the shirt.
If the shirt is Navy Blue, we can try a yellow, pale green or pale pink.

A shirt Black will go very well with a gray necktie but no white!

Striped shirt

If a garment is printed, then the other preferably should have as little as possible.

Striped shirts, combined of course with a monochrome tie, but can also be combined with some patterned ties – with a very small print – or with small geometric shapes. If stripes should be of different sizes, following the rule of great stamping with small print, choosing necessarily something with large stripes.

Shirt pictures

Pictures, shirts is the more complicated style of shirt combine, tonot be that they are very tiny and discrete pictures. Most often make mistakes when combining this type of shirt with tie, so follow these simple recommendations and everything should be fine:

  • If the shirt has four color (blue, wine, green and white, for example) choose a tie containing all colors.
  • If the colors are dark, do not go for a tie too striking. Can you imagine that the phosphorescent yellow would combine well with a nearly black shirt? I think that it is not the best choice, so choose one that repeat the darker tone of the combination.
  • If you have a Board in which you have to be as creative and innovative, use a thick diagonal striped tie that contrast (without exaggeration) with tones of shirt. This will cause all notice it.

Final piece of advice

For those who do not have clear, and to ascertain with the choice, the recommendation is: ignore patterns and very bright colors suit or shirt, and seek the necessary contrast through a multicoloured or patterned tie.

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