Sara Santos Visited the Cacém Glass Factory

The smile of Sara Santos was our company one afternoon.  Because the good disposition is a constant in the Glass Factory of Cacém, the visit of Sara even came to bring more smiles, even when the subject is very serious: eye health.

Sara Santos Visited the Cacém Glass Factory

Sara could not start otherwise than in consultation with one of our specialists. The actress is no longer ‘new in these wanderings’ and even because of her lack of vision, has already been operated, currently using only the so-called ‘sunglasses’. Although wearing a low graduation, the actress pointed out that at night she felt more difficulties in her vision, she had to work harder to focus on objects.

After all the exams, our specialist has concluded that Sara needs an increase, albeit very insignificant, in her graduation.

It was time to choose the frame for our Sara Santos. This time, the actress decided to combine the color of the frame with her cheerful and well-disposed personality. Blue, pink, purple, red were some colors that Sara decided to risk and try, but it was a model of the red Versage that fell in love with the actress. A color that matched up with your lipstick!

As is usual in our Cacém Glasses Factory, our client’s glasses were ready in just 20 minutes, which was even longer when the company was so good!
Even almost out of our optics Sara did not resist and took a model of sunglasses from our ‘white brand’ Kost, which ensure all the quality ocular, but that only have different finishes that allow prices more account. Because the summer is there, and our Sara is ready to receive it.

Thank you for Sara’s preference, we hope to see you soon!