Shirtonomy – an Affordable New Player on the Swedish Skjortmarknaden

Today’s text will be about a newcomer in the Swedish sports market. Just before Christmas, I received a gift certificate to sew up a measure tailored shirts via its online Shirtonomy.

My first reaction was, in all honesty: Ohh no, not even one company to making measurements sewn online. Is it really something we lack today? However, I used my gift card and waited for about 5 weeks. Once the shirt appeared, I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. I had not intended to write about the company here on our site when we are very selective with what we write about plus we have such a large editorial freedom that we can write about the very things that actually appeals to ourselves.

My shirt from Shirtonomy was so good that I think they deserve a mention here as Manolo and an introduction for readers who place high demands on your products.

The first shirt that came home was well made and nice but did not sit so well. This is because I skimped a bit with my measuring up at home. This is a problem with the custom-made shirts either you let someone take measurements in the store or you do it yourself at home and fill them on a website. One must be careful and know what to do. Shirtonomy however, offers something called ” fit guarantee ‘which is based on the first shirt you let sew up are not good, they offer free of charge a new one. If this happens, you should consult with the company and carefully go through what was not good so that this can be corrected for the next shirt. For warranty applies only once. This I took advantage and got good help from Martin, who helps run the company. The shirt then delivered by this way much better.

I chose a light blue bengal striped fabric with single cuffs and a collar full spread that looks great with or without a tie. The feel of the fabric is really good and I recognize the quality of the tygbunch as one of my better Italian MTM providers use and takes about 1900 per shirt.

Unfortunately, it is a thankless task to take pictures in order to review how a shirt is for it will always look worse than it actually is. A shirt bylsar itself and folds clearly visible. If it is too smooth, it means that it is too narrow and difficult to actually move in. I’m very happy with the result. The only thing that is hundreds of years to form small folds at the armpit to the chest, but this depends on my shoulders sloping and uneven which is difficult to correct without completely customize the shirt.

The company was founded by four guys from Stockholm without background from the fashion industry. They all had the desk job and all wore shirt everyday. The background to how the company came to is that they were united in that they found it difficult to find ready-made shirts that sat well enough. They also found that there was a large gap in the market for custom-made shirts. Those who were online and had a lower price tag was not of sufficiently high quality and those måttsyddes of shops were generally very expensive. If you wanted to fill the closet with well-fitting shirts of high quality, it was simply too expensive. The business concept is to offer tailor-made well-fitting shirts of premium quality at a price of 700-900.

For a little more than two years ago, they started by using the Export Council to go around Europe and visit potential factories. They started in Estonia with a well-known factory which produces shirts for some of the more famous brands today. The precision was not where they searched. Instead, they tried a manufacturer in Portugal. This delivered a fantastic shirt with some handmade elements but it was a relatively small company and the result of inconsistency which may not be in their dimensions sewn. The choice fell on another factory in Portugal. Just north of Porto is the hub for the country’s textile industry which has been in the area since the 1500s. The manufacturer who Shirtonomy chosen to work with makes exclusive shirts and have done so since the 1980s. Today they are suppliers for a number of well-known European brands, and has a rigorous quality inspection, which guarantees a good result. The shirts are machine sewn by hand and comparable with the leading Swedish shirt manufacturers today. They work with two of Europe’s top tygleverantörer from Italy and England but will for reasons of competition do not advertise their names.

It has taken a relatively long time for Shirtonomy to get started in that they have been so careful with the product. They have samples washed all test shirts several times to get the correct shrinkage. All the fabrics they sell they have allowed sew and wash at least 10 times to see how they appear.

The concept is based primarily on e-commerce but Shirtonomy also has a showroom Norrlandsgatan in Stockholm that customers can visit to look at fabrics and help in measuring up.

When I got my first shirt so it was bespoke carton. This, I made and commented on. It is important for the credibility of the concept is not abused. They well knew this and has corrected the name to Shirtonomy made-to-measure, which is correct.

Hope that the service evolve with more fabrics and collars for the filling is actually a gap through its service. Then I want to point out that you want a lot kind of frippery such as handmade buttonholes, hand sewn shoulders and very detailed work, this is the wrong service. Looking to a shirt of good quality and with a good fit to work each day is Shirtonomy a good option.