Keep in Raceway

Traditional sports such as rowing, tennis, cricket, golf, equestrian and cycling is in a peculiar style connection status. Each season, they occur as a style inspiration for a number of designers and wardrobe among many garments are the few that did not originate in any of the above sports. A more underrated source of inspiration for our dress is running.

Those who doubt it Estonian value in running has probably never seen the opening scene of Chariots of Fire (in Swedish Chariots of Fire). The scene where a löparlag dressed entirely in white running along St. Andrews Beach, together with background music signed by Greek composer Vangelis a milestone in the world of film. Although today leather uniform radically different from the film is something special about the feeling of freedom that still attracts.

Today it is not just Thom Browne is an avid jogger. Löpträning seem actually more popular than ever. Pronounced running blogs discussing the perfect your run and new mobile apps that facilitate training pops up periodically. Literature programs Babel SVT had last spring, a feature about running as a source of inspiration for writers.

And it happens naturally very much among sports fashion manufacturers. One of the more interesting examples is Nike’s partnership with Japanese June Takahasi, founder of the brand UNDERCOVER. Cooperation collection, which goes under the name Gyakusou Performance Running Collection, named after a group of enthusiastic runners in Tokyo, includes everything from running trousers and wind jackets to shoes and small accessories. Everything in modern functional materials with smart storage solutions that prevent the keys and coins to rattle. Design-wise, Takahasi in complete contrast to much of the sports fashion with garish neon colors, tried to keep the garment relatively dimmed with natural colors. Below are some examples.


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