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Shopping: Bikini Berlin

You’re just on the fashion week Berlin en route, looking for but at the last second of the perfect piece to complete your outfit? The Ku’Damm you’re probably already along pilgrimages, but still not found it? What most do not know – on the other side of the church there are an excellent place to shopping:
That Bikini Berlin.

What once was a real dump, stores stylish pop up today is a collection. In huge wooden boxes twenty stores rows here, which return the tenant after a few months. There’s always something new to see and to discover new labels. The special thing about this concept is that it offers a platform for many small indie labels, most of them also from Berlin. The creativity and the passion are really noticeable. But large stores in Berlin label (zBm Mykita) can be found here. More or less a mall, avoids the mainstream, but rather relies on individuality.

For example PREMIATA is one of my favorite stores. This Italian label focuses on quality instead of quantity and manufactures its products in Italy in small quantities with unique feeling.
The Berlin jewelry label sold really nice things Sabrina Dehoff, which make all handmade in Berlin. If this is time no Berlin memorabilia!

Here in bikini Berlin there’s really always something to see, regardless of whether unusual products to sales areas streamlined to perfection or monkeys
(Yes, monkeys!).
It is just a super nice and crazy place and: where else can you watch from the roof in the monkey enclosure of the Berlin Zoo?


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